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How to Find the Right Connections to Build Your Professional Network?

As if choosing the right career path for you isn’t overwhelming enough, many of us don’t know where to find it. With thousands of job offers from different companies, finding the right vision and direction to build your career ladder can be challenging.

However, the career mentors and experts share this one secret to help you make a big difference in your career and profession. That is to find the right connection to build your professional network! These like-minded people will help keep you on track in your chosen career industry.

These successful and influential people will also help build your working relationship as you advance in your career ladder and become an influencer in your field of expertise. Here’s how you can build the right connections for your professional network.

Determine What Core Values You Have in Common.

Instead of focusing on your skills, assets, and abilities so much, the career mentors advise you to focus on your core values and determine how it can give a positive impact to your community. Most successful people in the world make a difference because they offer a unique value to their community.

For example, Mark Zuckerberg made socializing and connecting possible while breaking the geographical barrier thanks to Facebook. Steve Jobs revolutionized the way on how we stay connected and work on our tasks thanks to his innovative Apple products.

According to career experts, everyone has a positive value to give to everyone to empower the society or organization you’re in.

While Jeff Bezos gave us the convenience of online shopping through his Amazon retail website. Like them, you need to determine the unique value you can give to others or your community. This will serve as your trademark as you make a difference in your chosen career industry.

The career mentors recommend you list any common ground you find with other people. For example, maybe you want to help your alma mater, or you love sharing about inspiring stories, you love influencing others through your Social media channels, etc. These unique values you have enables you to narrow down the list of people you have to connect with.

Make an Extensive List.

Now that you’ve identified which industry you’re in as well as your unique values, it’s time to search people in like-minded people in your industry and reach out to them. Don’t just make a small list, but an extensive one!

The more potential influencers and leads you have on your list, the more chances of building your connections. Remember that not everyone will heed your call, so you should have alternatives and other options as you go through these rejections and acceptance.

The career mentors also encourage you to reach out those seemingly influential and out-of-reach people. According to them, at least it’ll give you somewhere to start and you’ll never know, they might reply to you too!

Attend Networking Events

Make sure to bring your business cards, talking points, and your best self when you attend these networking events.

You might think that attending networking events can only help you in landing your dream job, but it can also help in advancing your career ladder and building your professional network too. Take the advantage of attending seminars, training camps, and even get-together reunions to keep in touch with your co-workers and colleagues.

It also gives you an opportunity to meet new people in the industry, which increases your chances of working or collaborating with them in the future.

Create and Maintain Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a great social media tool in reaching out to your co-workers, colleagues, or even new people you’ve met in networking events. Just by leaving them a short message like congratulating them on their milestones, work anniversaries, or birthdays can help build a rapport to your connections.

Make sure to keep active in engaging with your peers as it can cultivate your professional working relationships with them.

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