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Ex-FBI Official’s Wife Revealed the Real “Nightmare” They Experienced Caused by Trump

The wife of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Jill McCabe, breaks her silence in an impassioned editorial. She called what she experienced at the hands of President Trump a “nightmare.” She, along with her husband, was repeatedly attacked by the President for the past year and a half and only now she was finally able to speak out when Andrew was fired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and once the floodgates were opened, they could not be stopped.

Jill McCabe, the wife of the former deputy director of the FBI, finally broke her silence and shared their unpleasant experience

Jill is an emergency room pediatrician who once ran for the state Senate of Virginia in 2015, albeit unsuccessfully. She had faced criticisms from the President regarding donations that were made to her campaign, and in the meantime, her husband was also the target of many snide, broadside remarks, which ended in Andrew’s removal from the FBI only days from his planned retirement.

Time to speak out!

Jill spoke out for the first time in an op-ed in the Washington Post on Monday night, in which she claimed the only reason she even ran for office was to help people. In that article, she then lamented that something she had done out of her willingness to help was instead used as a weapon to attack her family, her husband’s career, and the entire FBI.

As a working health professional, Jill had never entertained any thoughts of becoming a politician, until she was recruited due to her speaking publicly regarding the importance of expanding Medicaid. That decision turned into her family’s downfall, as the President used some biased and twisted reporting, as well as “Presidential Tweets,” which in the end cost her husband his employment and their family a significant portion of Andrew’s pension, despite his dedicated 21-year service in the FBI.

How the nightmare began

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe with his wife Jill McCabe and their children

President Donald Trump, The Washington Post reported, had asked Andrew McCabe for whom he had voted for (later it was revealed that McCabe did not vote for Trump). in the 2016 Presidential Election. This happened during an introductory meeting at the White House the previous year, and the President later expressed his anger at him because his wife had received donations from a political action committee back in her 2015 State Senate run.

This committee, however, was associated with former Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe who was an ally against Trump’s opposition in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton.

McCabe’s Unfortunate Fate

President Trump would continue to make multiple public references about the campaign donations, saying they were used as an attempt to influence the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. NBC news reported also that the President even suggested to Andrew to ask his wife how it felt to be a loser. In Jill McCabe’s editorial, she ripped into President Trump’s insinuations, calling them fake and utterly absurd. She also pointed out the fact that the donations came before her husband became the FBI Deputy Director.

Two days prior to Andrew McCabe’s retirement wherein he would have received full pension benefits, he was fired from the Bureau last month by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Attorney General Sessions at the time had said he only accepted an internal recommendation that Andrew, a 21-year agency veteran, to be fired.

McCabe “Fires Back”

As Andrew McCabe was terminated from his post at the FBI, he later revealed what he thought was the reason for his removal as the second-in-command of the Bureau. Amidst allegations of him misleading internal investigators at the Justice Department, McCabe fired back that his removal was only a part of an ongoing effort to discredit the FBI and the special counsel’s investigation.

Andrew chose not to go quietly about his termination and chose to let the world know what happened to him.

He said the attack on his credibility was only part of a larger effort not only to slander him, but to taint the law enforcement, the FBI, and intelligence professionals. Shortly after President Trump tweeted that it was a “great day for hard-working men and women of the FBI and for democracy”, McCabe got fired.

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