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A Detroit Radio Station Pulls Out West’s Songs Following His Controversial Statements about Servitude

Just last week, Kanye West dominated the headlines on the internet when thousands of his fans were surprised to read such controversial tweets about slavery coming from their idol. Many were hurt and felt betrayed to see their favorite rapper going astray, even more so when he declared his support for President Trump.

Servitude a Choice?

Kanye West’s recent comments about how slavery was more like a choice, sparked the ire of thousands of his fans last week. They couldn’t grasp how West was able to formulate a conclusion that slavery was a choice.

Unfortunately, not only did he trigger the ire of his fans, but it also triggered the terrible memories of the victims who suffered in the past. His insensitive comments certainly didn’t go unnoticed as even the public celebrities lamented him for his Tweets.

John Legend himself told West not to turn a blind eye and acknowledge one of America’s darkest moments in the history. Otherwise, the nation is doomed to commit the same mistakes again. He also commented how West should not try to revise the history and deny the existence of servitude just because he supports President Trump.

Recently, Macy Gray posted a photo on her Instagram account with her wearing a “Make Kanye Great Again” hat in response to her malicious tweets about slavery and his apparent adoration of Trump

West, on the other hand, defended his stance against the thousands of bashers who retaliated on Twitter. He claimed he didn’t deny the existence of slavery, and it was no debate it is indeed a crime against humanity.

However, the victims were long freed from the shackles and remnants of physical and mental abuse. That’s why they should stop thinking they’re still enslaved. If they think that way, they will never be free from the bonds of servitude. West simply wanted them to break free and he never intends any harm with his Tweets. Unfortunately, his defense was not enough to soothe the ire and disappointment of his fans.


As a form of retaliation, the famous Detroit radio station hosts Bigg and Shay-Shay announced they started pulling out all of West’s songs on their list. They said they are over it and they don’t even want to hear Kanye’s music anymore, nor do their listeners deserve to hear his music. They won’t give West the liberty to use their station as his platform to spread his art and music after his insensitive comments.

Shay-Shay and Bigg made the announcement last Thursday via Facebook live video

They decided to take a stand against slavery by rejecting West’ existence. Shay-Shay also called West “reckless” for stating that popular iconic figures like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were too far in the past, and therefore, their views are unrelatable to his principles. That was also one of the reasons why they felt compelled to pull out his songs.

Kanye Boycott

Lemon encourages everyone to boycott West’ songs and stop supporting the famous rapper for victim-blaming.

And it seems the Detroit radio station isn’t the only one taking the initiative. A day before they made the announcement, the renowned radio host Ebro Darden of New York’s Hot 97 radio station tweeted that they started pulling out West’s songs. He said that the Kanye boycott has begun.

Prior to this action, Darden appeared on CNN Tonight to criticize West’ insensitive comments with Lemon. The latter also said that they cannot support a rapper who doesn’t know America’s history. What do you think about these latest movements against West? Do you think his recent comments were only a product of his mental illness? Do you believe he will still recover from his downfall and regain his fans’ trust and adoration once again?

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