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A Demotion Is a Huge Career Blow – Here’s How You Can Get Back on Track

All employees want to be promoted — that is, climbing the ladder has always been on the vision board of every worker. However, when things don’t go according to plan and you’re suddenly demoted, it can feel like the end of the world.

Being demoted is the exact opposite of what you have wanted. After all, we always want to go up and forward – for our career to have an upward trajectory, in short. But then again, life is sometimes harsh and the unexpected can happen any time.


To put it bluntly, demotion is when your work, responsibilities, title, or salary suffers a downgrade. Although it may seem unlikely for this to happen, it is quite common in the workplace.

According to a recent survey, the most common reasons for demotion include voluntary demotion, lack of success in the position, organizational restructuring, and poor performance. It may seem like the end of your career but there are ways to get back on track.

Confidence Rebuilding

Your ego and confidence are most likely shattered after a demotion has happened. What did I do wrong? Weren’t my works good enough? Were my efforts subpar?

Fizkes/Shutterstock Now is the perfect time to lean on coworkers

With any type of work, being resilient goes a long way and in order to attain this, you must have a strong support group that can help you rebuild your confidence. Lean on your coworkers or mentor during this trying time and seek comfort in their words of wisdom.

Reason for Demotion

The first question you’re going to want to ask after you were demoted is ‘Why?’ If your boss didn’t explain to you why a demotion was necessary, you have the right to ask.

There’s nothing wrong with asking because demotions don’t happen to ALL employees – this means that there must be a huge reason behind this decision. However, in anticipation of an answer, you must also be prepared to receive criticisms.

Fizkes/Shutterstock Reflect on the reason for your demotion

This may hurt your pride and ego, forcing you to become defensive. Keeping a cool head and analyzing the situation in a bigger picture will help you understand.

Action Plan Creation

After hearing the reasons for your demotion, you’ll certainly want to pack your things and head out the door. But take a breath and devise a plan that will address your weakest points. Think of how you’ll show you’re still a valuable part of the team and not a dispensable one.

Decision Making

Lastly, this is your time to decide if you’re going to stay in the company or not. This is especially important when the reason you were demoted is out of your control.

For instance, if your salary received a cut due to low earnings of the company, it may be high time to reevaluate.

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