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Coronavirus Lockdown Has Made The Working Day Longer Than Usual, Here’s How You Can Increase Your Productivity While Working From Home

One greater aspect of working from home is working whenever we want, but this can also imply that some of us are spending more and more time inside our workspace unintentionally. Nord VPN made an analysis by gathering the processes and activities performed on its network and found out that the average working day of people working in the United States has increased by 3 hours these days.

Analyses from all over the world are showing similar results

Another analysis has put the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Canada in the spotlight as people residing in these places are working two more hours than usual. Meanwhile, people who call the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and Denmark home are working an extra 1 hour per day, as well. Italy, the country that’s been the den of the pandemic, hasn’t shown any changes in work hours, though. In fact, Italians are spending almost the same time as before at their desks.

Why are people working long hours?

The CEO of Work180, Gemma Lloyd, shared her views related to the situation and said that people are spending more time at their workspace because in initial stages it is quite tricky to adjust in the changing work environment and manage work-life balance.

You construct all of your daily activities around your work on normal days, which means that you complete the pending tasks at home before you go to work and rush home after you finish your day at work. But because of the ongoing situation, the scenario is not the same as you are working from home.

Sitting in one place for long hours hasn’t helped anyone, and it will leave a negative impact on your health and will decrease productivity. Lloyd said that people are working long hours to prove their loyalty and productivity to their employers, too.

Make a time table and follow that accordingly

As the days are passing by, working from home should soon become a norm, and then working late hours to prove productivity will subside. To become productive, the employees have to create some work-life boundaries and abide by the rules made.

They must complete their work in time and should spend the rest of their days doing exercise, cooking the food of their choice, or spending quality time with their families. It is further advised to take short breaks to avoid more extended contacts with the screen. Master the art of work-life balance to attain productivity, release stress, and live a better life.

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