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College Coaching: An Employee Benefit Everyone Should Know About

As a parent and an employee, you very well know that you can’t bring your personal issues into professional space. But often, it becomes inevitable to separate emotions from work or not let personal problem get in the way of your job.

One of the things that can stress out employees is their kids’ college application. This issue may go unnoticed at workplace but when employers ask their workers, this topic almost always comes up during the discussion. And understandably so, because the process of applying for college and securing scholarships has become more complex more than ever, and it’s not only the children who are struggling because of it.

Adding to the employees’ roster of stressors is the lack of finances to send their kids to the college of their choice. But even if you spend your whole life saving up for your kid’s education, that doesn’t take away the fact that he/she must be accepted into a university first. The whole process and also the pressure of not wanting your child to be disappointed will surely take a toll on your psychological health, resulting in a lack of concentration and poor performance at work.

The Issue with College Applications

Employers have taken note that their employees lack focus at work due to issues with their children’s higher education which is why they have thought of a way to help them in order to improve their performance at work. Eager to know what companies are doing to solve this issue? Let’s look at some distressing facts first.

College applications can have a massive impact on both students and parents who feel under pressure during this critical point of their lives. According to the findings of American School Counselor Association and the National Association for College Admission Counseling, there is only one guidance counselor for 482 students over a period of 10 years. Adding salt to the wound, this isn’t the only job of a guidance counselor in a school, which makes it harder for students to actually discuss this matter with experts.

The process of college applications has become more complicated throughout the years putting parents and prospective students under a lot of stress

The processing of college applications alone takes about 60 to 200 hours. So more often than not, parents step in to help their confused kids. They often get fully engaged in the process with the intention of taking some loads off their kids’ shoulders, and because this is often accompanied by their day job, the quality of their performance in the workplace also suffers.

Employee Benefit On College Coaching

Knowing that their employees are preoccupied with this kind of problem, Fortune 500 companies introduced the Bright Horizons Education and College Advising, an employee benefit that’s gaining popularity for all the right reasons.

Human resources department packages the program as an elective that is paid fully by the company, so employees won’t need to shell out cash just to get the awareness. The program involves three steps that will depend on the age of the employee’s child. If you still have younger kids, you can attend a seminar that introduces you to the best educational plans on the market. But if your child is already enrolled in a college, a seminar about college applications, financial aid and scholarships will be best for you.

Fortune 500 companies introduced the Bright Horizons Education and College Advising, an employee benefit that’s gaining popularity for all the right reasons

The learning process doesn’t just benefit the parents but the kids too who are engaged in the whole process as well. There are available courses online that both parents and students can use to know more about college applications and the necessary steps in securing financial aids and scholarships.

Moreover, there are guidance counselors that are available to give advice to parents and guide them through the application process. You don’t have to worry about the help you receive because these counselors are qualified experts who have intensive experience in college admissions.

Overall Impact

Bright Horizons’ Patrick Donovan said 90 percent of those who were enrolled to their program reduced stress and were able to focus more on work. Being involved in programs like this is a win-win situation for all the parties since employers get to see their workers performing their jobs properly while parents get the advice they need to enroll their children into their dream colleges. Workers, meanwhile, get to center their attention to the task assigned.

As a result of benefits like this, employees will be more efficient at work while parents get the advice they need to enroll their children into their dream colleges

What’s more is that the guidance counselors are hands-on in helping you and your child in this process. Your child can get feedback from these experts online, so there’s no hassle on your part.

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