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Climbing the Corporate Ladder- Here’s How to Ask For Promotion in 2021

Everyone wants a prosperous career with lots of room for professional growth and learning.

However, a well-paying but stagnant job position can soon become boring, and you might lose your interest. After all, life needs challenges to break the monotony.

If you’re seeking a promotion, below are answers to the most common questions that may come to mind. Just because times are difficult doesn’t mean it’d be impossible. Test your luck with the tried and tested solutions we’ve provided.

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Too anxious and distressed to ask for a promotion?

Asking for a promotion can often give you panic attacks. That is the reason many people spend half their lives clutching dearly to their own job position and never seek more. The fear of rejection fuels this anxiety. Before one even asks for a promotion, they are hounded by the doubts of what if their supervisor immediately rejects the promotion. It is important to remember that even if your promotion request gets turned down, you may get essential feedback to guide you on improving yourself to make yourself viable for that position. No one is going to hold a grudge against you for having higher aims.

What should you do before requesting a promotion?

You may be a single employee in a firm that employs thousands of others, and you may be headed by a supervisor who is overlooking fifty other subordinates. Hence, you are one in the thousand employees of a firm, and among the thousands, you are one among fifty subordinates for your direct supervisor. The competition is tough. Thus, before you go about requesting a promotion, ensure that you stand out with your performance in your team.

Make a deliberate effort to build a connection with your supervisor or the person responsible for dishing out promotions, for example, someone on the HR board. You could also honor your supervisor by announcing them as your mentor and giving yourself under their wing so that your success gets directly linked to his expertise as a mentor and guide. This way, your supervisor will have a vested interest in making you climb the ladder.

Unsplash | What makes you stand out from your colleagues?

What if your promotion gets rejected?

If you gather the guts to ask for a promotion, there is always a probability that you may get rejected. If, in the unfavorable scenario, you do get rejected, seek a reason from your supervisor. There is a chance that they want you to gain extra skills to make you credible for the higher position. Then, you must buckle up and invest yourself in improving yourself.

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However, if you believe there is no room for promotion for you in the current firm, it is time for you to switch jobs and seek a firm that will reward your hard work and provide ample opportunity for personal development.

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