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Civil Leaders Offer Advice on How to Advance Your Career

The climb up is never smooth or easy. After all, there is a lot of competition, with everyone coveting prestige, power, and luxury. Who wouldn’t want more status and money? It is universally recognized as the metric of happiness.

If you have a career in civil service, you are well aware of the thousands of graduates entering the field every year-everyone equally passionate and charged. However, there must be a secret for advancing in this rat race to reach the top.

Experience surely has more merit than anything else and can compensate for years of struggle and learning. Listed below is a set of advice obtained from civic leaders to ease your journey.

– Deputy Secretary-General of OECD

Sporting Chance | Jeffrey Schlagenhauf speaking at United Nations conference

Jeffrey Schlagenhauf advises you to hold to honesty with tenacity. It means critiquing with fairness to your peers and your advocates. He stresses that the betterment of your team should be your prime concern since you can go far only with the good performance of your entire team.

– Director-General of Public Sector Directorate

NewsBeezer | Peter Pogacar at a press conference

Slovenian, Peter Pogacar, insists on cultivating trust in your subjects that you have to administer. He believes that it is hard to manage with authority. The road’s method is by having the subjects trust you blindly and have them inclined to follow you.

– Director, SLBSRSV

Dr. Sanjeev Chopra, Director at the Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanksrit University, advises you to fully evaluate your team’s capabilities before taking on a hurdle. He asserts that you should chew only as much as you can swallow. He advises the city workers to work in correspondence with the environment around them and to work in harmony with the political powers in action.

– Deputy Commissioner, Public Service Commission

New Zealander Hannah Cameron, Head of Strategy and Policy, urges you to identify your and your supervisors’ common interest. If you progress in your career, it will be an achievement for your mentor, and if you fail and fall down, it will be a strike against your supervisor.

Thus, if your boss is hard on you, do not take it with swollen eyes and battered pride. Instead, accept it with grace and, in fact, seek advice from your boss on how to improve yourself. No one can advise you better than the one seeing you struggle.

Shutterstock | It’s always great to consult with an expert

These pieces of advice springing from the experts of the field will surely make your tread uphill smoother.

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