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Career Expert Lists 6 Things You Must Not Say at a Job Interview

You can never know what’s going on in the interviewer’s mind when you walk into the interview room. Everything you say plays a part- sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Often, you might feel confident in your response, but it may come off as weak or average to the interviewer. Despite spending hours in front of the mirror, practicing your answers, sometimes the outcome is unexpected.

We understand how nerve-wracking interviews can be, so we’ve jotted down 6 things you must not say in an interview.

Shutterstock | Anything you say can create a negative impression

1. You are a motivated self-starter

Let’s face it, this sounds like something a lot of people assume about themselves so, how will it help you stand out during a job interview? When questioned about your strengths, you should highlight the fact that you are a learner, and given the opportunity, you wouldn’t mind being the lead for a project.

Using an overused phrase or answer can instantly put off the interviewer and they may be looking at the next applications even before you’ve left the room.

2. Speak about replacing someone

When asked a question on where you see yourself in 5 years, never respond with “in five, I hope to be in your position”. This is unflattering and gives off the impression that you are lazy and lack commitment.

You should talk about how you want to grow, the skills you want to learn, and how you want to advance in the organization. This will showcase the fact that you plan on being committed to the company for the long-term.

Shutterstock | Tangible strengths and weaknesses are ideal

3. Speak poorly about the previous employer

This can give an exact image of who you are if you speak poorly about your previous employers, even if you had the worse experience. You can always answer the question about your previous job honestly, you can say it wasn’t the perfect fit, or you felt like you could use a change.

If you were fired, take accountability for it and make sure you talk about how you’ve learned from this experience.

4. My biggest weakness: perfectionism

If an interviewer asks you about your weaknesses, you should never say that you are a perfectionist. Truth is, we all are flawed, and there is no harm in admitting it but, saying you are a perfectionist indicates that you are not mature enough to admit to any weaknesses.

For a better answer, you can always talk with a former mentor or boss who can help you with an evaluation regarding your strong points and weaknesses.

5. Ask the interviewer about their company

Hiring managers are precise in their work, and they know exactly what they are looking for. So if someone comes in for an interview and asks them about the company, it’s definite that they are not getting the job. As a person applying for the job, you should always look into what the company is about.

Shutterstock | Be candid and honest during the interview

6. Ask about the perks of the job

It’s totally acceptable to know what you are getting yourself into but, asking about perks and benefits in an early interview stage is careless. This results in the employer questioning your true intentions. The interview process is to see whether you are fit for the position. You can always inquire about added benefits later, once when you make it through.

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