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Career At A Dead-End? Here Are 6 Expert Tips To Help You Relaunch Your Career

If you have decided to leave your current job behind with the hope of doing something that matters more, the first question that arises is where to begin?

It’s basic human nature that whenever we decide to change career paths, we always feel a mix of emotions—usually starting with a sense of fear and confusion of what the future beholds. Once these emotions begin to wear off, they are followed by a sense of excitement for the new job and relief about the future. To help you sort things out, we’ve captured six most helpful tips suggested by Fishman Cohen to enable you to relaunch your career successfully.

Read books written by experts- The best way to gather knowledge about a career is to seek help from those who already hold profound experience in the field. Consult with people who are in that career, have hit books written with expertise, take volunteer work, or individual courses in the area.

Unsplash | There are tons of books out there that can help you out

Announce your job search publicly- Fishman Cohen says that many career paths open just by going public about your job search. There is always a chance of getting job offers from informal connections with great opportunities.

Get specific about the path you prefer- According to Fishman Cohen, another mistake people make when relaunching careers is that they don’t get accurate enough. Specifying exactly the compliance area of your interest will give pose the impression that you have done your research well and are appropriately equipped to fit a particular role.

Make yourself a competitive candidate- She also suggests that taking an individual course and undergoing certificate programs will increase your relevant skills, making you a competitive candidate. You can go a mile further by going to events, reading the associations’ publications, or volunteering in the industry of your interest.

Unsplash | When learning something new, your laptop is your best friend

Consult a mentor- Sometimes, we believe that we have collected sufficient information through education, training, experience, and online research, but that’s not always the case. Getting an outsider’s perspective, whether it be your friend, mentor, or career coach, will benefit you. Even if you aren’t ready to relaunch your career, having these conversations frequently can help you objectively analyze your goals and the future path.

The money factor- Your financial security is an essential determinant of your career relaunch. Whether you are changing fields or rebooting your career after a long break, you might be required to enter at a lower income and for lower compensation than before due to lack of experience. If you’re taking a pause for career research or undergoing courses and certification, you’ll require savings to finance your living over weeks or months without income.

Unsplash | No one is responsible for your future except you

Too many options are exciting and helpful, but on the other hand, excessive options can leave you feeling paralyzed about where to begin. Therefore, there is just one question you need to answer to get things sorted. Which path aligns most appropriately with who you are? Once you know the answer, you get to decide where to invest your energies in the next chapter of your career.

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