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Can’t Keep Up With the Fast-Paced ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ Controversy? Here’s a Primer of Everything That Went Down

In March, the world was shocked when a long-standing college bribery scheme involving high-profile personalities was exposed. Nicknamed ‘Operation Varsity Blues’, the issue quickly unfolded to be one of the biggest scandals of the past few years.

And it’s far from being resolved. New information seems to be popping up every now and then further complicating the web of schemes and bribes.

Exposing the Scam

Rick Singer is said to be the mastermind of the college bribery ring

All hell broke loose on March 12 when a list of 50 names, most of which are members of rich and affluent families, was linked to a recently uncovered widescale college bribery scheme. Included in the list are celebrities,  Lori Loughlin, best known as Aunt Becky on ‘Full House’ and former ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Felicity Huffman.

Both actresses were accused of conniving with ringmaster William ‘Rick’ Singer in various attempts to cheat their daughters’ way into exclusive universities. The 58-year-old businessman is the founder and owner of ‘The Key’.  The company provides counseling and coaching services to parents and students in preparation for college applications.

It is allegedly through this company that Singer met his celebrity clients and facilitated their illegal activities. Loughlin is accused of bribing college officials from the University of Southern California with a total of $500,000 to get her two daughters recruited on their varsity crew team. Meanwhile, Huffman allegedly paid an SAT proctor a sum of $15,000 to help her daughter get higher scores on the exam.

Legal Battles

Also implicated in the actresses activities are their husbands, Mossimo Gianuilli (left) and William H. Macy

Following the scheme’s revelation, Huffman was promptly arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) while in her Los Angeles home. She was eventually released though after posting a $250,000 bond.

Loughlin was also due for an arrest but was out of the country shooting for one of her movie projects. The actress was soon accosted upon arrival and taken into custody. Like Huffman, she opted to post bail. However, Loughlin’s amounted to $1 million, more than Huffman.

According to sources, the actresses are among the 33 other parents, nine National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) coaches, two SAT administrators and one college official charged by the FBI after a year of investigation. An athletic coordinator at USC has also been fired due activities linking her to the bribery scheme.

Their Kids’ Futures

Huffman has two daughters: Sofia Grace (18) and Georgia Grace (16). Similarly, Loughlin also has two: Isabella Rose (20) and Olivia Jade (19)

While both Loughlin and Huffman only wanted the best for their children, it seems like they were only successful in putting their future in jeopardy.

According to news outlets, both of Loughlin’s daughters Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade have decided to not return to USC anymore. Olivia Jade, who’s a successful Youtuber, has also lost almost all of her brand partnerships because of the scandal.

Meanwhile, Huffman is now worried about how her actions will be affecting her daughter Sofia’s chances of actually getting into college. Apparently, the 18-year-old wasn’t aware of her mom’s behind-the-scenes interference on her college plans.

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