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How to Build a Successful Career in Event Management – Expert Tips

Unlike earlier times, today’s younger generation has a variety of career choices. Current opportunities are usually based on either the global demand-supply chains or the upcoming interests of the broader community. Today, we get to hear of totally new careers like social influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and whatnot. Among such out-of-the-box jobs, one of the most preferred ones is event management.

Event management is all about organizing and executing perfect events. A lot of people are naturally suited to this sort of career, and usually, people born with a sense of arrangement make the best candidates. However, the cut-throat competition in the marketplace demands extraordinary skills to excel in such a hectic field.


Unsplash | One of the most sought after careers today is Event Management

If you’re hoping to carve out a great career in event management, here are some tips that can help:

Stay updated with the latest trends

The event industry is full of information. Therefore, you must keep yourself updated with the help of relevant books, magazines, press releases, websites, and blogs. Additionally, you should know about the several specializations of event management while still focusing on what you are good at. Know-how about the top tools used in event management is an added plus.

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Ensure you have a basic degree and computing skills

Today, almost all universities have targeted degree courses for event management. So explore various options like full-time campus courses or part-time diploma courses. Event management courses are also available online.

Volunteer and get work experience

It may be a great idea to visit diverse events and observe what’s new in the market. Also, you may try offering a hand to some senior organizers as volunteer support. This may help you to get some learning experience. These organizers may also help you with some certified skills to help build your career.


Unsplash | Volunteering to manage the events for big organizations can be helpful for your career

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Be personable

It’s a great skill to be personable because event management is all about people. You need to be engaging in understanding people.

Listen and communicate clearly

It’s essential to listen to your client’s needs and make realistic promises because miscommunication may result in blunders. Therefore, you must have both written and verbal communication skills.

Be creative

Creating a lot of ideas is the essence of event management. It gives you an upper edge in problem-solving too. If you have ideas, please note them down somewhere because you may refer back to them soon.


During the event planning process, one has to act on several tasks simultaneously. Client meetings, vendor management, entertainment sources, food, and catering, are a few responsibilities, but the list is endless. One has to juggle among many roles to achieve success.


Unsplash | Multitasking, creativity, and good communication go a long way

To Summarize

Once you decide to be an event manager, you must start organizing anything you can, like home events, birthday parties, etc. This will help you identify your flaws and strengths. The exposure to social media and your contacts may get you a series of events in your business.

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