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The Best Travel-Related Jobs You Should Apply for This Year

When you’re traveling, it is always good to find a job to help you make some extra money while you’re abroad This is because not everyone can afford to travel and quit working completely. Luckily, there are many different ways to make some extra money while you’re traveling the world. Of course, these aren’t easy and require time, commitment, and talent. However, it’s not impossible. Just keep in mind that not everyone is qualified for every job because everybody has different skills and backgrounds.

Here is a list of the best travel-related jobs for everyone.


Every place on earth, no matter where it is, has bars and clubs. These places need bartenders and waiters. To do this job, you would need to speak the language and probably have some experience as a bartender. But if you’re social and don’t mind working long shifts, this could be a fun job for you.

 Travel Tour Guide

You won’t necessarily need a lot of knowledge of the town you’re giving tours of. If you work for a tour guide company, they will give you all of the information you will need. All of the walkings are a great workout and learn a lot about the town yourself.

 Freelance Translator

To be a translator, you will, of course, have to speak a second language fluently. Translation opportunities are everywhere. You could translate menus for restaurants, work for a tour company and translate for people who speak your language, or simply find translating jobs online.

 Traveling Fitness Instructor

If you’ve worked as a fitness instructor at home, you can easily do it abroad. You can teach classes on Zumba, Pilates, Yoga or work as a personal trainer if you have enough experience. The best way to do this is to get a job at a local gym.

 Teach English Abroad

If you’re already reading this article, it’s obvious you know how to speak English. English teachers are needed around the world. However, it’s not so easy just to be speaking the language; you will also need a college degree and a TEFL certificate.

 Travel Writer

If you’re a talented writer, this could be your dream job. It’s not an easy job because you will need to know everything that comes with it. You’ll also need to learn networking and how to deal with editors and publishers. When you master all of these, you’ll be ready to write for magazines, newspapers, or blogs.

 Web Design

The best thing about this job is that it’s online and you’ll be able to do it from anywhere in the world as long as you have your computer and Internet access. If you have at least a little bit of knowledge on certain programs such as Photoshop, WordPress, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator, it will be easy. What you will also need is knowing how to write codes such as CSS, HTML, and PHP. And even if you don’t know how to code but are interested in learning, you can find online tutorials.

 Work on a Cruise Ship

If you want to see the world while working at the same time, working on a cruise ship could be the ideal job for you. You will see many exotic places have a good paycheck while having transportation, accommodation, and insurance covered. Therefore, you will practically be saving and making money at the same time. You can apply for various positions such as stewardess, chef, engineer, sports instructor, and much more.

 Au Pair

An au pair is a live-in babysitter that is hired by a family to help the kids learn a foreign language and help with household chores. In return, you have a place to live, food, and income. If you love kids, this would be a great way to see a foreign country and experience its culture first-hand.

 Musician/Street Performer

If you can play a musical instrument, it can bring you a lot of money. You can play anywhere, from street corners to coffee shops and clubs. But before you decide on this job, you first need to do your research. Some countries require a permit for busking, and you can get in a lot of trouble if you don’t have one. Remember that it doesn’t just have to be playing music; you can make money on any talent you have: painting, singing, break dancing, acrobatics… anything.

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