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Here Are The Best Companies To Get Ahead!

When it comes to ascending in the world of business, the company you choose to work for can oftentimes be more significant than your educational degrees or the actual skill you possess. The Burning Glass Institute conducted a report that studied over 250 of the biggest companies based in the United States in terms of how well they do to advance and develop the career of an employee.

CoWomen/Pexels | Make sure to pick the perfect company that fits your needs

The people at Burning Glass Institute say that according to them, the results say that it matters a lot where a person works. They say that, to summarize, two people can have the exact same job in two separate companies that are directly competing with each other and still be advancing with highly different prospects.

Prime Companies for Advancement 

The Burning Glass Institute study solely revolved around the experiences of over 3 million employees. The company that was rated as one that offers the most freedom for the advancement of one’s career is AT&T, based on fair wages, access to jobs, and chances to ascend. Evaluation of workplaces was also performed by the research workers in terms of the following criteria:

  • Best workplace to begin with
  • Ultimate workplaces to ascend in without a college degree
  • Best workplaces to advance within
  • Best workplaces to remain and grow in
  • Top workplaces to hone their own talent

Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels | Researchers evaluated and came up with criteria for the best workspace for the development of a person’s career

The Importance of Decision Making

There is no doubt that enviable working skills and a reputable degree can help a person advance within the company ranks; however, research tells us that companies may play a bigger role in the rise of a person’s career than some might believe. Most of us have been taught since the break of dawn that the most important thing is deciding which college you go to and the crucible of a career in college.

But the truth is a worker has to make a number of incredibly important decisions during the period of their career that determine whether they are going to ascend in the ranks of descent. Experts suggest that a person should understand what it is that you want in your career or job, such as sticking to one firm for years on end or moving up fast.

Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels | Making a well-thought-out decision is crucial for a successful career as well as for your future.

Inception For Success

The report known as The American Opportunity Index says that to kick off a career, the best companies include home improvement chain Lowe’s, UPS, Apple, and software maker Adobe. These are some of the companies that have lowered the entry barriers for employees with no work experience and trained them to succeed in their roles. The company you choose to work in plays a sizable role in how you move up the ladder of success.

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