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These Anxiety-Inducing Situations at Work Are Hard to Deal with, But Here Are a Few Proven Ways You Could Prepare for Them

Apart from your toxic workmate, what else are you anxious about at the office? In whatever career you are in, there will come a time when you will feel stressed about certain common instances. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to be in that situation where you’ll sweat profusely thinking about it or have a nightmare about different worst-case scenarios at night. In short, it could affect you on a deeper level.

Have you ever dreamed of stuttering in front of a high-profile client? How about accidentally pouring juice on your laptop when you just finished a two week’s worth of presentation? All these make the tasks even more nerve-racking. It might be hard but there are some ways to help counter the anxiety and stress, as per Kellogg School of Management professionals.

Talking with THE Boss

The CEO of a company oftentimes has no time for nonsense. While it is certainly stressful to see the big boss in a hallway, it is definitely a rare opportunity to leave a positive impression on the person. It’s hard to be prepared for conversations such as this because it’s only by chance and although you might feel unprepared, it is best that you take advantage of the moment.

Accidentally meeting the boss is a chance for you to talk to him/her

Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute executive director Rob Apatoff, who used to be a CEO, revealed that employees are constantly judged by bosses – that is, your interactions with them. Because they only speak to you at times, that perception stays with them, which is a key factor in decision-making during promotions.

In short, it is vital that you don’t screw up this conversation and in order to do this, keep a list of things on your mind that you want to highlight during the impromptu and imagine how it would go.


If you think that your current role won’t need any negotiation, you will have to bargain at some point. One of those moments is asking for a raise, which is downright stressful to begin with and which is why you need to be prepared. The same can be said for women, who typically have to fight their inner voice saying they don’t deserve the raise or promotion, management professor Victoria Medvec shared.

You’ll have to negotiate for your salary raise

It pays to be prepared because this way, you are able to articulate and elaborate on your strengths and what you can bring more to the table. If you won’t be able to get what you want, at least you’ve highlighted your past works and have left a mark on your boss. The next time another position opens up, then you might be a candidate on top of his mind.


Presentations are daunting because of the listeners

If you’re used to delivering presentations, then it could just be a routine to you, but for others who don’t usually do this, it is stressful. The point is, you need to be prepared and it’s not just about how you move your hands or the way you talk.

Former Kraft Foods executive Tim Calkins said you need to ponder on how you will articulate your focus, the details to support your point, and how you will handle the feedback from the listeners.

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