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How to Answer ‘Why Should We Hire You?’ Interview Question

Job interviews involve many tedious requirements that can scare job seekers. Recruiting managers to sit opposite job candidates, piloting the final direction of their luck on that particular job. The hitch-free process is in progress. Candidates are asked about their experiences, the main thing that attracted them to that role, and their vision for the future which is not far away.

However, these candidates most times have setbacks towards the end of the interviews when asked by the recruiting manager the reason why the company should hire them.

Many job seekers find it appalling to offer answers the best way they should, females in particular and people who do not find it easy to promote themselves. Unfortunately, that’s the main idea behind the question.

Experts advised candidates to rehearse before going interviews.

The recruiting managers only want one answer, and that is if you have good points to defend yourself and why you think you are the best for their firm. Consequently, your answer should paint you as the most valuable candidate for the role, not just that you have the qualities they need.

Career experts helped to provide tips on how to go about this difficult situation often posed by this question. They recommend three ways to adopt in order to escape fumbling woefully in front of the interview panel.

Demonstrate your worth that will improve the role you applied for

Ariel Lopez, the sometimes recruitment agent, professional coach and chief executive officer of 2020Shift, suggested giving a well-detailed reply to the means by which you are capable of providing worth to the job role.

Most job seekers are fond of recapping their resumes’ contents without adding anything new, she noted, but it is safer and better to go deeper into themselves and try to demonstrate the reason, as well as the means by which they are perfect for the job.

It’s harder for women to sell their qualities before an interview panel.

In her words, Lopez noted that hiring agents cherish those who knew how to promote their values and the way their values can be an added advantage to the company. She said the best means of answering the mind-boggling quiz is to return it by also asking the recruiting manager the new problems relevant to the position, and show how it can be sorted out by you. Let the power in you to proffer a solution shine brightly and grab the huge opportunity, advised Lopez.

Tell the manager the unique things about you – Ask someone for help if you are baffled

The settings and circumstances that you find yourself will determine how to confront the question. However, it may almost be an integration of the reason you took a liking to this specific role and that special thing that only you can offer if hired explained the feminist professional coach working with Embrace Change as a JD, Cynthia Pong.

Pong pointed out that getting ready for a job interview needs serious thinking on every strength you possess which are matchless and uncommon. She said you should ruminate about your childhood and your individuality. Identify those things you alone could offer which no one else could do or that may place you on a whole different level.

Sell yourself with confidence.

In case you are befuddled, says Pong, ask about 3 or 4 people close to you and who are familiar with your personality career-wise to tell you their observations about your professional strengths, the short description of you in one sentence, and what they like most about your skill and working style. According to Cynthia, carrying out the unofficial survey can help you to know and give you leverage on discovering the best ways to discuss your potentials such that you won’t appear unappealing. Don’t forget to write the list your friends gave to you.

She advised that the penned down list should be deeply scrutinized and by the time the panel throw the question at you, your waiting answers would be on the ground.

Think outside the box in which your views are locked

Female job seekers often see it as a big issue to discuss their achievements, explained Melissa Nightingale, a writer, convener and also a partner working with Raw Signal Group. She added that many of them strain their mental organs when getting ready for job interviews and attempt to think of how to give suitable responses capable of impressing the interviewer.

Ask people how they feel about your professional skills

She recommends having printed copies of your resume or LinkedIn account profile, then changes the title at the topmost part of the printout.  Afterward, says Nightinghale, act as if you are in front of the recruiting managers. Put them through every possible reason their organization would benefit from coming across your type of person.

Ensure to jot some bullets phrases down, such as the main points in the discussion, including why you are the best to handle the position, Nightinghale said.

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