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Alex van der Zwaan’s Lies Uncovered after This Shocking Declaration!

Of all the persons of interest in the Russian probe, it seems Alex van der Zwaan made history by having the gall to lie under oath. The former associate of the giant New York City law firm Skadden Arps had the guts to spew lies to Mueller’s Team during the federal investigator’s interview. Unfortunately for him, they caught on to his deceit and charged him with perjury. He now awaits the Washington federal court’s sentence while his lawyers plead for leniency on his behalf.   

Lies Uncovered

Bob Mueller states that the prospect of van der Zwaan’s possible jail imprisonment or sentencing doesn’t really matter. In fact, they stated that they “do not take a position” with respect to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) sanction on the said lawyer.

However, Mueller wanted to emphasize that despite van der Zwaan’s vast legal experience, sophistication, and the warnings he received from the special counsel’s office of the legal repercussions of lying, he still deliberately and repeatedly concealed crucial information, and even went as far as lying in front of his lawyer during the interview.

Skadden Arps law firm is also under scrutiny after the Russian probe

For instance, van der Zwaan lied about not having communication with Rick Gates, his longtime business partner. Gates also served as Trump’s campaign deputy and is also facing similar criminal offense. Mueller also reveals that he knows Gates communicates with a mysterious “Person A” during the 2016 elections. The FBI also unveiled the ties of “Person A” to Russian Intelligence Service.  

The Russian Probe

Meanwhile, the Washington Post revealed last Wednesday the Persons A’s identity as Konstantin Kilimnik. He’s also a Manafort associate who oversees his business offices in Kiev, Ukraine. The previous reports documented the long-standing ties between Manafort and Kilimnik for the past few years now. The two even met to discuss Trump’s campaign. Last Tuesday, the federal government also filed a record stating that the man was, indeed, an active Russian spy on the run since 2016, despite Kilminik’s denials of not being linked with Russian Intelligence.

If the said report is true, this means that Manafort was hosting a spy under his employ. The FBI accused Kilimnik of relaying confidential and sensitive information directly to Kremlin. Alex van der Zwaan also played a vital role in the Russian probe due to his connection to his two colleagues.

Denied Allegations

Kilimnik, on his part, released a statement defending his stance. He claims that he’s not working with the Russian intelligence agency and still remains adamant despite the reports claiming otherwise.

Van der Zwaan has gone so far as to have “gone native” to the trio, claims Mueller

Kilimnik’s connection with Rick Gates is significant because the charges brought up against Gates and Manafort relate to their work for Ukraine before the 2016 US elections and do not go any deeper into their campaign activities. The fact that an officer with an important role in President Trump’s campaign is dealing with someone who has alleged ties to the Russian intelligence is a big deal. Despite all of this, the Russian government firmly denies any meddling with the 2016 election.

In the Grand Scheme of Things

The significance of all these events coming to light is not yet clear. However, what can be said is that what was supposedly an unremarkable and conventional filing of a court document ahead of sentencing has turned into a proverbial beat down. Mueller did not give any mercy, literally embarrassing van der Zwaan and at the same time shedding some light on some disturbing evidence of grave misconduct and shady dealings behind the scenes.

President Trump’s legal team has been left in disarray after Mueller pulled no punches in his offensive. They still stand by their statement of never having any kind of coordination between President Trump’s election campaign and the former Soviet State though, and it seems that they have no intention to change their tune any time soon.

Despite this though, Mueller is continuing to slowly and methodically rip away at their defenses as he continues to prove them wrong, his work and manner as composed as ever. This is far from over, and time can only tell what more Bob Mueller has in store for Trump’s team.

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