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Advancing Your Career While Working From Home

It is difficult to stay motivated these days, especially if you’re stuck working from home. Many people remain anxious about their job security and concern since they’re unable to interact with their coworkers as they did before. Adapting to the new change has been difficult, and in many ways, it might feel like your career trajectory is at a standstill.

Deposit Photos | It’s okay to be concerned about your career right now

However, if you’re worried about being stuck in your professional journey, here are a couple of ways with which you can jump-start that rollercoaster again.

1. Seek Regular Feedback

One of the best ways to keep yourself growing is by regularly asking for feedback. This helps you identify your strengths, so you can perfect them, as well as your faultlines, so you can fix them. The key, though, is to not get defensive when receiving feedback. If a superior notice a lack in your performance and makes it known to you, make sure to accept it, with a will to work towards improvement.

2. Make Yourself Visible

While no one likes being labeled as a suck-up. However, there’s no way for you to deny the important role your boss plays in your promotion. So, without being too pushy or nosey, try helping your boss out in whatever manner possible. The more they see you, the greater your access to opportunities and new projects.

Deposit Photos | Maintain a good relationship with your boss

3. Find a Mentor

No one can steer your career as a mentor can. They help you answer crucial career-related questions, provide much-needed guidance, aid in the networking process, and motivate you to climb the ladder to success. Wendi Weiner, a career and personal branding expert, recommends looking for a superior who can build such a rapport or connection.

4. Keep Building Your Network

While trying to advance your career, networking is one of the most important elements to focus on. However, since you’re stuck at home without the in-person meetings or happy hours, it is quite difficult to meet new people. Sure, it is very awkward to reach out to a random stranger and ask for a chat, but, what other choice do you have? Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You, recommends making excuses to chat with someone. So, for example, you might look up a LinkedIn connection with something in common and ask what their professional journey has been like so far.

Deposit Photos | Virtual meetings just don’t give room to build a connection

Bottom Line

Your best bet is to start getting a little creative in these uncertain times if you want to keep progressing. With the virus already a year old, the chances are that remote working isn’t going away anytime soon. So, might as well gear up and learn to adapt in these curiously foreign waters.

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