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5 Things Fathers Learned When They Gave Up Their Job for Full-Time Parenting During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown a lot of challenges into every individual’s life. Even if one did not catch the deadly virus, they were indirectly affected somehow. Small businesses incurred huge losses, companies went bankrupt, and employees got fired, while house caretakers were burdened immensely.

Unsplash |Every business and person suffered in some way

Most fathers have been very busy since their child opened their eyes to the world. Covid-19 proved as a blessing in disguise for young children who secretly wished to spend more time with their parents, who were mostly busy all year round.

Let’s take a look at 5 things fathers learned when they gave up job search for full-time parenting.

1. Fatherhood is Equally as Important as Motherhood

Previously fathers used to think that mothers are the only superheroes for their child, while they themselves hold a minor significance in their life. But when they spent enough quality time with their toddlers and younger ones, they started expressing their feelings for them.

They got to see real evidence of how their child cherishes their existence at home. In today’s world, the role of the father is considered of less value, while in reality fathers are equally important for the development of a healthy child.

2. Fathers Influence Children Differently

Mothers are good teachers and role models for the child. But, fathers have a distinct style of parenting. An infant can recognize the difference between his father and mother when, at the age of 8 weeks. This is solid proof of the contrast between the two. Frequent exposure to both parents gives a broader and diversified experience, helping the child become a fully-rounded individual.

3. Mothers Are Protectors While Fathers Give Confidence

Fathers have a different way of dealing with all situations and feelings. While the mother has a protective instinct, the fathers give them confidence and an edge of competitiveness. Mothers teach discipline, while fathers teach the difference between wrong and right; thus, creating a balance in the child’s personality.

Unsplash |Fathers give a different type of experience to the child

4. Children Roughhouse with Their Fathers

Fathers prepare children to face the real world. They play with their child differently. Usually, during play, they acquire some rough and tough skills that might be painful at first, but gradually, the child learns to endure minor injuries and challenges.

They come out stronger and fearless. While the mothers can teach indoor activities well, such as cooking or organizing, fathers show them how to deal with the outdoor chores. They get to learn the mechanical and gardening skills which were previously foreign to the child.

5. Child Get to Look at The World with A Man’s Perspective

Fathers dress differently, talk differently, and walk differently. In short, every step in their life is helping a child to see the difference between both males and females. They learn how a man should behave in various circumstances.

Unsplash | Fathers are just as vital to the child’s growth as mothers

Thus, fathers who are actively involved in their child’s life now agree that they have deprived their children of the entirely different experiences they could have gone through. To make up for the lost time, they are now happy to substitute a few of the mother’s roles in order to make them feel cherished. And there can be no better time to do so than these jobless days.

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