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4 Tips to Make Your WFH Experience Much Better

Coronavirus has changed our way of working. Agree? Remote working has become a trend while hot-desking is losing its grip. If you’ve set up a home office, have you evaluated if you’re really enjoying your remote working journey? Or are you fed up with juggling between work and family time?

Well, we have some amazing tips which can put you out of your misery. Let’s check out a couple of ways that can make WFH manageable and fun.


Unsplash | WFH has been a blessing for many but there are a lot of ways you can make it even more interesting

Make time for yourself

If you’re among those who had to travel miles to reach the office but are now saving time while working from your comfortable space, remote working is a blessing for you. Why not use the extra time at hand to do something exciting?

Try engaging with your family or indulge in an interesting hobby. Don’t let yourself become the dull Jack! We understand that you find it logical to work extra these days to overcome the fear of losing your job, but a stressed mindset isn’t going get you anywhere. Look at WFH as the dream job you always wanted and create a balance.

Find ways for positive gossip

Isn’t it nice to be in contact with co-workers? Well, positive gossip is important! But with social distancing in order, how can you make up for this? The answer is social media. Now is the time to bump up on chat or call with your co-workers. Though it seems like remote working breaks social contact, that’s not really the case. We know how Zoom meetings work, don’t we?


Unsplash | Find time to engage in positive gossip with co-workers

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Don’t dream of a shorter workweek

When the news of working days being cut down to three/four spread, everyone wanted it. But has it been practically implemented across the world yet? Well, then what’s the point in thinking about a distant future? It’ll simply create a negative mindset for your current work.

We suggest you keep going with the regular schedule. It is a possibility that offices could shrink in the future to compensate for WFH hours as per your convenience. You might have the freedom to choose your workspace according to workload. But for now, just keep moving with what you have.

Give your boss a call

At times you may feel left out, unknown, and unnoticed, especially by your boss. In such a case, you need to go ahead and give him/her a call. Avoid conversations with your manager via emails. This is less impactful when it comes to building a network. Also, simply sharing your daily work report with your seniors and being an active participant in meetings is another way to leave an impression.


Unsplash | Connect with your boss over call

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To give a few final words

The new changes made for employees in different companies may be challenging, but once you get used to it, it’s going to be real fun. With the current WFH culture in place, don’t think you have to overburden yourself. Take it as an opportunity to enhance your overall quality of life.

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