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A 3 Minute Read For Students Who Are Thinking About Launching Their Careers During The Outbreak

Usually, graduates who receive their diplomas and degrees always have new jobs available for them in the job market and are fully prepared to launch their careers. However, due to the recent outbreak, their dreams may have to remain as mere dreams as the markets are down, and most businesses are shut.

Graduating students of this year are thinking about whether to go for a virtual commencement ceremony or a delayed one. On top of this dilemma, they have no clear view of the future and are looking forward to the virus being contained and the job market being opened.

A big problem for foreign graduates

Although it is equally essential for the natives to get jobs, some international graduates need to have jobs too so that they can prolong their stay in the country. Most of them are nationals of developing countries and spent all the money they had for education. As the businesses started shutting down, with no room for internships and new jobs, these foreign nationals will face severe consequences due to the adverse situation.

Greater competition

Graduates who are confined inside their homes have some expectations of working part-time and are spending time on learning online skills while getting more creative with virtual networking. These graduates are always on the internet to find new jobs.

Although some companies are still hiring, competition is more robust than ever. Most fresh graduates don’t stand a chance because these companies don’t want to risk themselves at the expense of hiring a new graduate. At the same time, they have more experienced people lined up to undertake interviews for the same job.

Stay ahead of the game

Don’t lose hope just yet because some HR companies have started new online programs for people who just graduated. These programs have free registration, allowing people to learn new skills as preparation for the upcoming future. These companies are advising the students to get themselves registered for these programs and focus on what they want to do and what they want to be in the future.

Hendler Grunt, the famous career guidance expert, advised that the students must polish their skills and learn new skills as they will need these to enhance their resumes. She also urged the students to refresh their LinkedIn accounts and asked them not to stress much about the future, encouraging them to figure out what they really want to with their life.

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