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You’ll Wish You Knew About These Businesses a Decade Ago After Knowing How Their Stock Performance Beat That Of Amazon’s

Amazon may be the talk of the financial press these days but people would be surprised to know how its company stock’s growth over the years seems to be no match compared to that of lesser-known companies.

Since 2009, the corporation has recorded a return of 1,224%, which means that an initial investment of $10,000 would have been $122,441 now. But while this growth is certainly very impressive, it was bested by that of these companies’ stocks. And the catch is that people have probably never even heard of them before.

United Rentals Inc.

Boasting a decade-long stock return of 1,451%, United Rentals Inc. is reportedly the largest equipment rental company in the world. It has a presence within the United States and Canada and provides service for major construction sites in these areas.

Its growth may not come as a surprise for some given the seemingly ever-changing city skylines in North America. United Rentals recorded a revenue of $8.05 billion in 2018 alone.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Traded under the name REGN, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a healthcare company responsible for a headline-making experimental drug used for Ebola patients in Congo recently. The company outpaced Amazon with a stock return of 1,414% in 10 years. The New York-based Regeneron Pharmaceuticals was founded in the late ‘80s and has produced seven FDA-approved medicines since.

Align Technology Inc.

Align Technology’s Invisalign reportedly only takes about a year to show results

People may not be that familiar with the name Align Technology but they’ve most likely heard of the company’s financially successful product, Invisalign. The clear dental aligners have helped millions of people all over the world care for their set of pearly whites.

Replacing old school braces, the product has effectively cashed on the teeth alignment market leading to a decade-long stock return of 1,440%.

Broadcom Inc.

Broadcom Inc. is one of the many lesser-known companies that help the world run smoothly. They’re a manufacturer as well as a supplier of semiconductors at the base modern electronics infrastructure. Their products help make Netflix streaming and broadband internet possible. Traded under the name AVGO, it recorded a stock return of 1,599% within the past decade.

MarketAxess Holdings Inc.

MarketAxess has a digital platform where people can trade fixed-income products.

Another stock that beat that of Amazon’s is the financial technology company, MarketAxess Holdings Inc. It enjoyed success as today’s investors have moved on to e-trading. The company boasts of growth that’s more than twice of the Jeff Bezos-led online retailer’s.

Abiomed Inc.

Another company in the health and medicine niche that’s showing impressive numbers is Abiomed Inc. One of its achievements is the production of the smallest heart pump. It’s also responsible for the first total replacement heart.

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