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Volvo Announces New All-Electric Car Set to Rival the Tesla Model 3

For the longest time, Tesla has been dominating the market for electric vehicles (EVs). It reached a new milestone with the release of the Tesla Model 3 which has since surpassed the sales of their flagship sedan, the Model S last year.

But its spot at the top might not be uncontested for long. One of the car manufacturers attempting to take a share of the EV market is Volvo.

The brand makes a bold step towards this goal with the recent announcement of the Polestar 2, an upscale all-electric sedan-style fastback that’s set to compete with the Tesla Model 3 in the performance and price range categories.

One characteristic design feature of the new fastback that’s unique to the Polestar brand is its connected tail lights which gives it a wider look.


Volvo didn’t mince words when they explicitly marketed the Polestar 2 as the first electric car model designed to take on the Tesla Model 3’s market share in their press release. Thus, news outlets and car enthusiasts began calling the new contender as the “Tesla Fighter”.

According to Polestar, the soon-to-be-released fastback features a 78 kWh battery pack which enables it to travel a distance of 275 miles on one charge. In comparison, the Tesla Model 3 currently has a slightly lower capacity 62 kWh battery with a 264-mile driving distance.

Still, Tesla has a slight advantage when it comes to acceleration speed with the Tesla Model 3 being able to go from zero to 60 mph in about 3.3 seconds. Meanwhile, the Polestar 2 is announced to have the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds.

With such similarity in performance, the Polestar 2’s edge lies in its other features and retail price.

Polestar was purchased by Volvo in 2015 and was officially launched as a manufacturer of high-end electric vehicles akin to Tesla in 2017.


One of its most marketed selling points is its use of a built-in Android operating and infotainment system which was developed with Google.

While other car companies like Hyundai and Honda have used a version of the Android system in some of their models before, the Polestar 2 will be the first one to use a Google-authorized version of it. This integration will allow drivers to use Google services like Maps, Assistant and Play Store. The in-car and mobile app will also let them use their smartphone as a car key.

Drivers can access and control the Android operating and infotainment system through an 11-inch touchscreen.


The Polestar 2’s Swedish roots show in its sharp and lithe design. Its looks have also been compared by fans to that of the Volvo Concept 40.2 except the former features aero-efficient and frameless wing mirrors.

Pre-orders can already be made via the Polestar website. Production is set to begin in China in 2020 and will be available in the US, Canada and a couple of European countries. It will retail for around $45,500 to $68,000 before tax incentives competing against the Tesla Model 3, sold for around $42,900 to $60,000, in the mid-five-figures price range.

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