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Understanding Your Finances: How To Increase Your Savings

We make so many plans to save, but the sad reality is we are never able to save enough money to fulfill our dreams. The increasing cost of living has made it difficult to save, especially with the rising taxes that have reduced the gross income we get. Even if we save some amount, it is rarely enough. If you are in the same boat, then continue reading the article to find out some amazing tips to quickly boost your bank account. 

Understand Your Finances

The most important tip is to get control of your budget! Before you start saving money, you should be able to control your expenses. Understand your incoming and outgoing cash flow. Include debt payments, savings contributions, and your bills in it as well.

Alexander/Pexels | Control your budget to be able to save.

Pay Off Your Debts

Before you start saving, you’ll have to pay off all your debts. This is because interest will keep increasing, and it’d be difficult for you to repay the borrowed money later on. The longer you wait, the more interest increases with time, swiping off any money you save. There are so many fixed costs that need to be paid every month, making it difficult to pay off debts. You can allocate 50% of your income to pay fixed expenses such as utility bills and rent. Spend 30% of your income on your wants, such as dining out or traveling. Save 20% of your income until the savings reach the amount you need to pay off your debt.

Get A Savings Account

With the rising daily expenses, you might end up spending all your income. Therefore, it’s crucial to set up a savings account. This way, you will be committed to saving more and more instead of spending all the money

Pixabay/Pexels | Credit card bills can wipe off all your savings.

Put Spending Limits On Your Cards

A great saving tip is setting a limit on your spending on credit and debit card. If you get tempted easily, there’s a high probability that you might overspend and end up exceeding your expenditure. Setting a limit on your cards stops you from exceeding your budget. Most banks offer this service. 

Cut Back On Fixed Expenditures

Fixed expenditures are the biggest hurdles while saving money. One such expenditure is rent. If you are living alone, consider getting a roommate so the rent can be divided. You can also choose to live with two roommates. In this case, you will have to pay only one-third of the rent and save the remaining amount of the previous rent. Utility bills are also fixed expenditures that you can seek to reduce. Utility bills include gas and electricity bills. You can switch to LED light bulbs to save energy and be cost-efficient.

Pixabay/Pexels | Work extra hours to save up quickly

Start Freelancing

If you are serious about boosting your savings, you might consider working a few extra hours after your main job. There are tonnes of freelancing websites that offer jobs for your skills, such as Upwork and Fiverr. You can make your portfolio or create a gig and start working immediately to earn some extra bucks.

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