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It’s Now Possible to Have a Cheaper iPhone, Apple Promises

Modern technology has drastically changed the way we live our everyday lives. Ever since the late Apple founder Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, we can now connect with our friends online and do some office work whenever or wherever we are in an impressive, yet efficient way. We can now perform simultaneous tasks at the palm of our hands. That’s why these innovative Smartphones became our next closest buddy.

Apple hails as the leading provider for high-end smartphone products

Not only it offers convenience in our work, but we can also stay updated on the latest news and trends. Unfortunately, most high-quality products come with a high price. That’s why most customers tend to go with Android because they can’t afford an iPhone. However, it seems Apple will break this price barrier because they state that their phone successors are 10% cheaper than their latest unit!

Apple received reports of iPhone X infected with a chip security flaw named meltdown

iPhone X Issues

The latest phone model enticed the customers due to its stunning features such as Face ID, Animoji, and gorgeous OLED screens. However, just a few weeks after the release, it created a backlash due to two major reasons. First, the customers worldwide hesitated on spending $999 to buy the product. While we understand their pricing since they spent more than $400 to manufacture the said product, most customers can’t afford to spend that much for a single phone.

The second reason was the slow performance on its devices due to security bugs. The company then released a Spectre security patch update on all its iOS devices to counter the meltdown. They also offered battery replacements for free or at a discounted rate to remedy the issue. If you are experiencing a slow performance in your iPhone, we encourage you to visit the nearest Apple store and replace your battery for free.

Affordable iPhone

Although Apple remedied the issues quickly, we can’t deny that these incidents affected their sales. That’s why, the company vowed to improve their next phone units with upgraded performance parameters and features. They promised to launch three new units with a 5.8-inch OLED, 6.1-inch LCD model, and 6.5-inch OLED unit by the second half of this year and according to Apple, these new phone successors cost less than the iPhone X!

Cheaper iPhone Screens?

Apple broke the agreement with Samsung as the primary provider for its OLED screens

Apple stated that they could reduce the cost by revamping the components used to build the units. Apple will replace its signature OLED screens with LED to cut down its cost. The latter screens seem to have cheaper rates than availing OLED.

However, Apple will retain the flagship features like aluminum edges and glass back to match with its previous units. Customers might also expect a slight downgrade performance on these successor phones because of the replaced components. For example, the RAM storage may suffer due to the lowered specifications. Reliable sources reported that the next iPhones would have LPDDR memory instead. Apple is yet to confirm whether this information is true or not.

Is it really Affordable?

Apple estimated that their new models would fall between the $650-$850 price range. This is relatively cheaper compared to the $999 price unit. However, there’s no guarantee whether the customers can save from the said cost.

For one, most Smartphone users enter a two-year contract provision with ISP providers that offer subscriptions for high-end phones. Customers not only get to pay for the phone’s price itself but also for the subscription fees, premium services, and pay for apps from the Apple store.

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