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New McLaren Sports Series Hybrid Seen in Production Bodywork

Although the camouflage is quite heavy, one can clearly see that the new McLaren prototype is going to follow the tract of Woking’s just launched GT. But one can never deny the fact that the lowered suspension and much shorter overhangs show that it will directly impact the overall performance of the vehicle.

A mesmerizing new design

The other details of the car that was spotted wearing a production body shell include a comprehensive front air intake. The car has a massive rear diffuser, while the new elliptical-shaped brake lights are placed behind a mesh grille.

It is not entirely clear that these elliptical brake lights will be carried forward in the final production process. The exhaust exits of the car are built in the center, just like the Super Series flagship, the 720S.

Not economical

The McLaren Boss commented on the new pictures of the car that surfaced on the internet and said that the company is looking forward to developing more electrified models of their cars. He said that the company is experienced in making hybrid systems just like they built P1, P1 GTR, and Speedtail.

He further spoke on the matter and said that the new goal of their company is to make cars that are more economical and provide a thrilling experience while driving them. It is clear that the motto of McLaren is all about building the best driver cars, and they saw that opportunity in making hybrid cars.

A significant weight loss in the new vehicles

News is that the company will also replace some of the features that were present in the vehicle before. The new series will come with a charging port, which will make the vehicle plug-in a hybrid. The company will not include the recuperative hybrid system, which was initially present in the P1. The new update will put both petrol and electric power through the rear wheels.

It is a fact that it will not be possible for the company to balance the weight of the new car with the older models. Still, the company is looking forward to solving the issue. Flewitt said that he always desired to make a hybrid car that carries the same weight as the outgoing car.

He said that they won’t be able to hit the mark, but they will work in between 30-40 kg. While considering that P1 weighed 140kg, the company managed to reduce a significant amount of weight.

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