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The Meghan Markle Effect Is Real: Here’s How the Fashionable Duchess Greatly Helped a Sustainable Brand

To say that Meghan Markle is popular is an understatement. She is not merely famous; the former Suits actress is also influential down to the very sense of the word. When people got wind of her budding romance with Prince Harry a few years ago, they couldn’t help but glue their eyes on the woman who became the apple of the royal’s eye.

Then she was instantly catapulted to a new level of stardom, one different from what she faced when she was still a Hollywood star, which gave her the chance to even spread more of her advocacies.

Fashionable Personality

Speaking of influence, Meghan has greatly impacted the fashion industry by becoming one of the most fashionable members of the royal family alongside Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Since she officially joined the powerful clan, fashion gurus and fans would await her outings with much anticipation of what she will wear.

Meghan Markle might be equally fashionable as Kate Middleton

As such, it’s a no-brainer that the Duchess of Sussex can start a trend or even help a brand. The latter should be underlined because they have the capacity to make or break a business, so it’s one way of making a big change in the lives of blossoming entrepreneurs. Meghan has that habit, including when she wore unique, standout earrings earlier this year during a royal engagement.


The pair was from Kimai, a London-based jewelry company known for their lab-grown gems. One of the founders, Sidney Neuhaus, exclaimed her excitement that the mom of Archie Harrison donned their creation, revealing that Meghan’s team contacted the brand in December 2018, or just a month after their official launch.

Meghan Markle wore the Felicity earrings at the January event

The 38-year-old sported Kimai’s Felicity earrings, the18-karat pair, and was reportedly in awe of the design and the ethics behind the line. Founders Sidney and Jessica Warch, who both came from jewelry-making families, knew the controversies surrounding the process that comes with mining and admitted that at first, they found it hard to find environment-friendly diamonds in the market.


Learning this, the two became curious as to how lab-grown diamonds came out. Thanks to technology, it is now feasible to mimic the environment a diamond is produced, which is important – miners are saying that finding natural gems is harder nowadays, in short, the number of diamonds is almost wiped out. Unlike the natural stone that is made in a long time, the more sustainable kind is created in just a few months.

With their promising goal of creating ethical jewelry, Kimai recently scored over $1 million in funding from Talis Capital, Rebecca Minkoff, Xavier Niel, and Fidji Simo. The money will be used to expand its offerings to other sustainable accessories.

Sustainable Rubber Shoes

She also sported sustainable sneakers last year

Meanwhile, die-hard fans of Meghan know how she’s into sustainable fashion, so this was not a shocker at all. She wore a pair of ethical sneakers from Veja when she attended the Invictus Games In Sydney Harbor last year.

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