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Fans Wait with Bated Breath as Apple Unveils 3 New iPhones

iPhone enthusiasts are now abuzz on social media after being brought to life with last week’s grand announcement that the company is poised to release its largest smartphone in Apple history.

The iPhone XS Max will have a 6. 5-inch screen and will retail at $1,099. This will see it as one of the company’s most expensive phones.

Additionally, the Max will have a much bigger display compared to its predecessors; though the design of the body will remain relatively the same.

Apart from the XS Max, Apple also unveiled the iPhone XS, which will have a 5.8-inch screen and will retail at $999. For these iPhone XS versions, the company has decided to incorporate Face ID and do away with the fingerprint scanner.

There is a lot of buzz and excitement regarding the new release of iPhone phones around the corner

Enhanced Features for Optimal Use

Notably, the cameras on both phones possess superior quality as compared to their predecessors. However, this was expected, as Chief Executive at Apple Phil Schiller has reiterated on numerous occasions that the new gadgets will have cameras ‘better than ever before.’

As a matter of fact, the 12-megapixel cameras are built with an ameliorated HDR mode, as well as much larger sensors compared to previous iPhones.

Interestingly, the new smartphones will have much longer battery life compared to the iPhone X, something that you wouldn’t expect considering all the upgrades being introduced to the new phones.

In fact, it’s expected that the XS will have at least 30 minutes additional of battery life. If that doesn’t surprise you, then hear this; the XS Max (yes, the large one) will have an additional hour and a half of battery life compared to the iPhone X!

Targeting All Markets

If you feel that the XS Max and the XS might be a little too high for your price range, Apple went a step further to unveil the iPhone XR which will be retailing at $749. This ‘lower-end’ iPhone has features such as a 6.1-inch screen using LCD technology.

Additionally, it has a variance of colors from you to select, ranging from red, coral, blue, black, and white.

Though this might not be a big deal for many, it will not have a Home button and thus, it can only be activated with an upward swipe.

Photogenic people might be disappointed by the fact that this particular model only comes with a single camera, the wide-angle camera at 12 pixels. However, Apple also added the portrait feature that is located in quite a number of its dual camera devices. This feature is essential because it helps in blurring the background when photos are being taken.

Unfortunately, the device isn’t endowed with the great 3D touch experience that is customary to the high-end smartphones, but it does have some haptic feedback, making the screen vibrate when it responds to touch.

On a more positive note, the phone does have vastly superior networking support compared to the iPhone X and travelers might be excited by the fact that they will have added bands to improve roaming.

Additionally, the phone will have dual-SIM capabilities, enabling you to have more than one plan, as well as two mobile numbers in your device.

Last but not least, all iPhone X versions pack a punch when it comes to augmented reality, having realistic object reflections as well as graphics.

The phones are set to target all buyers, with the more expensive one being the XS Max and the least expensive being the XR

Upgraded Apple Watch

Apart from the new set of phones, Apple unveiled that it also had released an upgrade for its Apple Watch known as the Series 4.

It is poised to be relatively thinner than its predecessor and will have its edge-to-edge display increased by 30%.

Users will also be pleased by the fact that the phone will have improved reception, enabling double the speeds of connection.

Additionally, your health will not be left to chance as Apple reveals that the watch has been geared to monitor your health at all times. In fact, it can predict whenever you fall, and even send such information to one of your emergency contacts!

If that’s not enough, the watch also comes with an FDA approved, in-built EKG to assist in any heart disease diagnoses, as well as other chronic conditions that might be slowly manifesting. Unfortunately for iPhone enthusiasts, you’re going to have to pay a little extra for the EKG as it is will be an over-the-counter purchase.

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