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Here’s How Putting up a Business Is Similar to Parenting, According to Richard Branson

You might be second thinking about your plan to start a business because you are clueless about it. From all the blogs and articles you’ve read, as well as the number of testimonials of successful entrepreneurs, you probably know by now that the journey is far from easy. However, if you have kids, then fret no more. Why is that? Apparently, the process is sort of the same, Richard Branson said.

It may sound far-fetched but take it from the Virgin Group founder who is now worth billions. So if you have a child/children, then you’re in luck because how you feel when you’re about to have a kid is similar as that of starting a business — that is, no matter how much preparation you do before the bundle of joy arrives, there would always be something that will catch you off guard.

Catching You Off Guard

First-time parents would know all too much about this struggle. They read all the baby books they can find, watch tutorials on YouTube, or even ask other moms and dads for tips and secrets on parenting but they end up with a unique experience of their own.

A banner hit the founder’s head

Because childbirth presents a lot of surprises, it is similar to a business launch. For Richard, another shock of his life came during the opening of the Virgin Miami Central Center when a banner suddenly hit his head. More than the accidents, putting up a company is like dealing with a bundle of joy in the sense that it’s filled with uncertainty – you won’t if you will be successful or not.


Parents would know how demanding it is to take care of a newborn, so the chunk, if not all, of the time should be allotted for the baby. In business, it also takes time to cultivate and therefore, it would also eat your hours.

A couple will learn different skills in parenting

If it’s only you and your wife taking turns in caring for the child, it can be overwhelming, but at the same time, you both are learning from the activity, including multitasking. The same thing can be said of a business because when you have a small group in charge, you all have to acquire new skills from the various tasks you undertake.


Needless to say, parenting and putting up a business would require hard work. This is why you need to take a breather at times to stay sane. Because raising kids can be life-draining and at the same time rewarding, always remember that you need me time – read: pampering, relaxing, and most importantly, sleeping — and self-checking moments, and then you will notice that you’ll feel recharged once you go back to regular programming.

Parenting is demanding but moms and dads need to relax, too

As with a business, this is the time to sit back and look at your baby from another perspective. Even though it is still far from successful, it pays to pat your back for a long way that your company has gone. This also allows you to think about what your next moves are and makes you realize how far you’ve come.

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