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This Company is Taking a Big Step in Saving the Environment by Taking This Drastic Step

We all hope that this is not just a phase or a case of greenwashing, but a lot of businesses are switching their energy-efficient green lights on for the reason that consumers, who are mostly the poor millennials, are getting more conscious of the needs of Mother Nature.

Businesses are becoming more aware of the environmental consciousness of the consumers

A Cone Communications research said that costumers tend to like a company more if they are campaigning for environmental and social issues that they believe in. If you’re living inside a cave for the last couple of years, then you haven’t heard much about the modern revolution there is about changing the ways of the buyers that greatly impact our environment.

It is prevalent especially in social media where there are influencers who, instead of promoting endless products and urging people to buy more, are endorsing sustainable and smart shopping and are using their platforms for the benefit of our surroundings.

800,000 Tonnes of Plastic Every Year

Big companies are trying to keep up with this mentality revolution and to be on the good side of the story – Tesco may just be one of them. The UK retail giant declared that by late next year, it will decrease the use of non-recyclable plastic by eliminating 1 billion of it from the grocer’s brand-name products.

Supermarkets are one of the leading sources of plastic waste in our environment with Greenpeace holding 10 of Great Britain’s highest-earning grocery retailers responsible for more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic being thrown out annually in our environment.

UK’s top supermarkets are responsible for more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic being thrown out every year

To kick-start this campaign against plastic, Tesco focused on implementing packaging simplification. The company said that it will make drastic changes with its exclusive products’ packaging, like omitting the plastic pouches for clothes and greeting cards; limiting cereal and yogurt lids to one; using paper packing for the produce, breads, and pastry products; eradicating plastic wares like trays, sporks, and straws from ready-to-eat/drink goods and more.

Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If the consumers were constantly reminded of reuse, refuse, reduce, recycle, Tesco, on the other hand, promises to practice remove, reduce, reuse, recycle by getting rid of unnecessary and excessive packaging of their products.

Tesco announced that it will make drastic changes with the packaging of their own goods

The supermarket colossal, owning 27% of UK grocery market shares, also assured that they will also be working with their suppliers to follow their lead and to try to reduce the use of plastic to their extent and recycle and reuse also those that can still be reused.

Teaming Up with WWF

Last year, Tesco also teamed up with WWF, one of the world’s top green organizations, to champion an effort in minimizing the ecological damage done by the supermarket by half, answering the call for sustainable food sources.

This four-year collaboration aims to create an initiative in the food sector by making them more conscious about their products — from factories to landfills — by simplifying their packaging to lessen the use of plastic and improving the welfare of their employees, especially those in the lowest ranks. This partnership also aims to promote awareness to the consumers by providing them smart options and advising them to only buy what they can finish.

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