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Companies Revealed AI-Related Jobs That Will be In-Demand This Year

It can no longer be denied that the world is getting taken over by advanced technology. Almost everyone nowadays cannot live without it so it is not thy surprising that more and more people are gaining knowledge about it in order for it to evolve even more.

This results to more and more companies in need of a workforce that could work in the artificial intelligence department or else AI itself will take over.

Experts say artificial intelligence may open better opportunities for mankind

Will AI Takeover?

With the rise of artificial technology, more and more people are becoming worried that their jobs might be at risk since robots may take over mankind when it comes to certain tasks. According to some experts, it is believed that more than 800 million people who are currently working full-time may actually lose their jobs by the year 2030. However, this is a contrast to the growing number of demands when it comes to artificial intelligence specialists and more IT-related jobs will also be opened.

The world has no choice but to adapt, and so one way to do it is to basically not let it take over and have the power to control it as early as now. Experts also said that it is now the perfect time for people to get into technology more and more and try to not just use them, but also learn from them so that their knowledge about it will be enhanced. Children must also be encouraged to gain knowledge regarding the said matter, so that they could be interested in being a part of the industry when the time comes.

Kai-Fu Lee has been the Vice President of Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and he believes that AI will not take over the world that quickly, it will even open up opportunities for more people. Teachers, doctors, caregivers, and more careers can’t be replaced by robotics, that is because these jobs require compassion and empathy. Robotics may be programmed and updated, but being able to feel is something that they cannot fake.

Computation algorithms cannot exactly figure out what love feels like, it can only define it. No one will be able to tell how exactly will the future go, especially when it comes to AI, but there is one thing that Lee is certain about, and that is mankind have yet to discover a lot of things.

In-Demand Artificial Intelligence Jobs

It was revealed that in 2018 there as has been a massive increase when it comes to job openings for artificial intelligence workers. Experts even said that this is not surprising at all considering how many companies are trying to keep up with the advanced technology over the rise of artificial intelligence.

It’s almost difficult nowadays for companies to be left behind so it is considered to be a strategic move since it would give them a chance to stay relevant in whatever industry they belong to. Technology is only at its early stages still and companies need reliable people who actually have enough knowledge especially when it comes to artificial intelligence.

One of the most in-demand jobs today for almost every company is the artificial intelligence architect position. This is a job wherein you’ll have to take care of the business process as well as the entire organization as a whole, and figure out what kind of artificial intelligence technology can be embedded. This has got to be the most important job for companies who wish to improve as a whole when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Another in-demand position would be the artificial product manager, who will be the one that will work hand in hand with the architect since they will be the ones to identify which could work out or not since they will also have to work with other teams such as the human resources department. They must figure out how well the performance between humans and machines are going.

There is a 63 percent increase in job openings for AI-related jobs last year

Finally, being an artificial intelligence ethicist may also benefit you this year. A lot of companies may have that desire to adapt into the advanced technology to be able to catch up, but they must also have enough knowledge to be able to take further steps.

An artificial intelligence ethicist will serve as the leader when it comes to making sure that every move in the artificial intelligence department will still fall under the standards as well as the code ethics of the company.

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