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Ariana Grande Slaps Forever 21 with $10-Million Lawsuit for a Very Serious Allegation

Whoever said money can’t solve your problems, must not have had enough to solve ‘em. Who remembers singing those words from Grande’s recent hit, 7 RingsWith so many chart-topping numbers, hot-selling albums, and multiple awards under her belt, we have no qualms about the bold claims she makes in her songs.

Being one of the most talented and sought-after pop stars of her generation, it doesn’t come as a surprise her cat ear headbands sell like hotcakes and young girls love emulating her style from her iconic high ponytail to sparkly outfits.

Ariana Grande asserts that the company dressed a model similar to her

Ariana Grande’s Claims

Although the former Disney child star must feel elated that a lot of people are looking up to her and copies her style, she certainly doesn’t find it amusing if a retail company replicates her outfits without asking for her permission or giving her any credit.

One particular fast fashion brand called Forever 21 is in hot water after the singer filed a $10 million lawsuit against it for allegedly tricking customers into thinking that she is promoting their products.

The singer contested that the fast-fashion giant used her photos on its social media account and even used a model that shared striking similarities with her.

Forever 21 allegedly used stills from the 7 Rings music video

The lawsuit followed an online campaign run by the brand which used stills from the 7 Rings music video, showing a jewelry-clad Ariana Grande with her friends in a pink-tinged bash.

The singer’s team raised an issue against Forever 21’s blatant violation of copyrights after it posted images of a brunette model in a high ponytail (the hitmaker’s trademark hairstyle) wearing an outfit that looked eerily similar to the one worn by Grande to last year’s Grammy Awards on its official Instagram page.

In another photo, the model sported two fluffy pink balls that avid fans would remember the singer wearing in her music video. What made the case swing even more in Grande’s favor was the image caption that heavily alluded to the song’s lyrics.


The lawsuit came as a huge blow to the fast fashion giant which has been making rounds in the news for its recent financial woes and bankruptcy scandal.

On top of the $10-million lawsuit it is facing, rumor has it that the company is on the brink of filing for bankruptcy. Ariana’s camp maintained that the brand was simply finding a way to boost its social media presence in order to compete with other companies. Haven’t they learned from the controversies they have courted in the past?

No Endorsement Deal

Forever 21 tried to get Ariana Grande as an endorser but failed

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Forever 21 crossed the famous singer. In November just as she released her album Thank U, Next, the clothing brand tried to ink a deal with the songstress that would focus on social media marketing but after her representative’s careful consideration, they declined owing to the reason that the company couldn’t afford to pay her fee. The lawsuit also shed light on how much she charges per post, “well into the six figures.”

In February, Ariana’s team contacted Forever 21, requesting to take down the posts. However, the company failed to comply and the campaign remained active until April. The company disputed the claims but was tight-lipped on details about the matter.

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