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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Just Made Billions in 2 Weeks– Should You Ride the High & Buy Amazon Stocks Now?

The rich and famous live in a completely different world. And in their world, earning billions in the span of a few weeks is not an impossible feat. In fact, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos did just that when his company pushed past other giants, Apple and Microsoft, to briefly become the world’s most valuable company.

With Amazon’s market cap surging to almost $800 billion, its CEO’s fortune reportedly increased by around $27.6 billion because of his shares in the company. But does this feat mean that it’s the best time for common people to invest in and buy Amazon stocks? The answer’s more complicated than you think.

The Complex Truth

Apple now ranks first in Forbes’ most valuable companies list while Microsoft is currently placed third

According to Go Banking Rates, Amazon clinched the top spot not by making big gains but by limiting their losses. In fact, Amazon’s stock value is actually down 20% from its 52-week high recorded in September of last year. What more, the stock’s reportedly in a consisted downward trajectory.

It’s worth noting though that the company has also bounced back from its holiday low of $1,307. It’s from there that the company’s 26.7% jump sprung from. This increase led Bezos’ 80 million shares in his company to suddenly shoot up in value. In comparison, Microsoft only recorded an increase of 9.2% from their own recorded low.

As of latest, the 55-year-old executive has an estimated net worth of $154.4 billion and is currently Forbes’ richest person in the world, despite his recent divorce and settlement from ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos. He ended the previous year with an estimated wealth of about $123 billion.

It’s Good to Be on Top

Compared to Apple’s 2018 net income of $59.53 billion, Amazon only recorded an income of $10.07 billion for the previous year

The question now is whether Amazon and Bezos can sustain their spot at the top.

Meanwhile, there are those who speculate that the retail giant’s stock is headed for another low because its income figures remain low especially when compared to that of Apple’s and Microsoft’s. But if it can keep the rapid rate it’s currently growing its revenues for years to come, the company may find itself back on the top again and for a longer time.

As of the moment though, Amazon has fallen down to the 12th spot in Forbes’ list of most valuable companies. So, does this mean that you should stop buying or not consider buying Amazon stocks at all?

Thinking Long-Term

Some analysts predict that Amazon’s stock would see a 21% rise by the end of this year

Well, it’s important to consider whether you are investing for the long term or short term. While Amazon shares may experience devaluation time and again, people who invested in the company in 2009 would’ve still seen a huge increase in the value of their initial investments by now.

For example, $1,000 invested in Amazon 10 years ago is now worth more than $23,600, an increase of about 2,000%, according to calculations done by CNBC.

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