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This 37-year-old Makes $100,000 in Austin, But Lives In His Truck And Rents Out His Condo For Extra Money

Bryce Dishongh never had a desire to become a homeowner. However, as his rent surged up every year, he grew weary and wanted to have his own place to fix that problem. Really, his main reason was for his rent to stay at a static rate for the foreseeable future, but he went on to achieve more than that. To discover more of his story, keep on reading!

A simple home-buying process

Dishongh’s process of buying a house was quite straightforward. Instead of watching his $1,200 rent rise, he sensed that it was more financially reasonable to invest in a fixed mortgage payment. He asked a realtor friend for help and quickly started looking at condos that cost around the same price as his rent—counting extras from realty taxes to homeowners association fees. He had some savings to meet a small down payment, anyway.

In 2017, Dishongh finally bought a 600-square-foot home. It was a one-bed condo located in Austin, Texas, and he secured it for $140K, with a down payment of only $6K, or around 4.2%. Dishongh personalized it, putting in customized cabinets, a wooden canopy, and a built-in counter that’s perfect for his towering frame. He’s no professional woodworker, so he watched endless hours of YouTube instructional videos—searching the internet and employing critical thinking as he went. Overall, he spent another $9K for renovations.

Staying chill and working remotely

Dishongh also aspired for a full-time van life to travel the United States while working remotely. But after a few calculations, he found out it would take more than two years for his expenses to even out. So, Dishongh rented out his condo via Airbnb and lived out the majority of his time inside the solar-powered camper he constructed with his 2018 Chevy Colorado. He could now just hop in and take a mini-adventure whenever he feels like it. 

Dishongh splurged around $6K furnishing the camper, which looks like his condo’s miniature version, from the wooden panels to the retractable cover he uses for watching movies. Lining the perimeter are sparkling Christmas lights and tucked away in the back is a rolled-up camp mattress. A battery was also installed into the bed of the truck for powering fans, lights, and some electronics. He devised a ventilation system, lining it with hardwood flooring, too!

A new life worth living!

All the sacrifices Dishongh made were worth it. Thanks to his income-generating Airbnb listing, he makes $1,700/month if he only uses his gym to shower. He puts in all the money into his mortgage principal, and he contributes about an extra of $1,500/month on average. The 37-year-old also makes over $100K/year with his full-time senior front-end developer work, his pet portraiture business, and part-time doggy daycare job.

Although Dishongh spends most of his time in his camper, instead of his condo, he’s currently content with his lifestyle. However, he still looks forward to when he finally pays off his condo in full, hopefully within the next 10 years. Freedom is his #1 goal today!

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