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3 Tips For Remaining Inspired And Motivated While Running a Practical Office

When starting your own business, it is common to overlook the little jobs you might have to do around the office. There exists an underlying tendency to go for the more-demanding, big-picture tasks. But, who’s going to take responsibility for the smaller tasks then?

If your business is doing well enough to hire an assistant, knock yourself out. However, many new and struggling entrepreneurs are left to fend for themselves. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, use the following tips wisely to stay on top of both little and big tasks.

1.  Make the 10:20:30 rule your go-to

We all know how easy it is to throw the boring stuff into the “later” pile and jump right into the fun stuff. But, we hate to tell you that if you keep going on like this, a lot of your tasks will remain pending for a long time. Hence, we recommend the 10:20:30 rule.  It goes something like this- you start off by picking three tasks that you have to do. Then, you:

  • Time yourself for 10 minutes, and start working on the first task
  • Then, time yourself for 20 minutes, and move on to the second task
  • Finally, time yourself for 30 minutes, until the third task is complete.
  • Repeat the process.

This does essentially help you balance your concentration on every task you have to get done, whether fun or boring. Plus, it really helps you in staying motivated.

Pexels | Put your phone to good use

2. Teach yourself how to visualize

Your ability to visualize what you seek to achieve will play a big role in your success. However, just manifesting your dreams to force the universe to make them come true won’t be enough. You need to use some physical visualization tools, too. Visualization can be so strong because it works on your ‘subconscious’ brain.

Here are some tools that might work for you:

  • Add an image of your biggest goal as a wallpaper on your phone
  • Stick a picture of yourself in front of your dream destination
  • Create a magazine clipping describing your success story and stick it near your work station

Pexels | Take out polaroids of places you want to visit

3. Passion is key

It takes a lot of passion for convincing yourself to work long hours. And, we all know how often small business owners have to sacrifice their social life, or their sleep for that matter, to uplift their professional one. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, you’ll lose motivation a long time before you get to taste success. Passion is the fuel that keeps you going, even when your body aches to give up the dream.

Deposit Photos | The long hours will be worth it in the end

Bottom Line

Success doesn’t come overnight. You have to put in the hard work if you want to reap the benefits. It will take time, so it is essential that you remain patient as you work towards achieving your dream.

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