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Experts Say That You Can Never Succeed in Business If You Do This

Everyone wants to be a successful businessman, but over time, we notice that some people have a better chance at being successful than others. This is regardless of whether they’re employees, entrepreneurs, or leaders. What determines whether or not one becomes successful is his or her personality. Personality is the thing that can make or break you and what holds you back or pushes you forward in everything you do. There are unlimited types of characters in our personal and professional lives. In this article, we take a look at the types of personalities that keep being unsuccessful in business.

It’s easy to say what makes you successful and there are many articles out there that talk about that. That’s why we’re taking a look at the opposite. Unfortunately, every office or company has these types of employees — it’s inevitable. You will always find someone who complains about how hard their job is but doesn’t do anything about it, someone who has all of these great business ideas, but all they have are ideas and nothing more.

So, here are four types of personalities who never succeed in business.

 Those who start many things but never finish anything

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“If you don’t make things happen then things will happen to you.”

~ Robert Collier 


I’m sure you know the type. They are always so excited to start on a new project and keep moving forward until they come across a problem or a road block. When this happens, they suddenly become unmotivated and keep looking for excuses for why they won’t finish the project they were so eager to start only a week ago. They will eventually leave the project half finished, pretend that it never existed and soon, start on a new one leaving the old one behind.

The worst part is that they will also leave the new project unfinished pretty soon and never finish anything. The problem with these people is that they lack the discipline and stamina that is required to succeed in business and cross that finish line.

 Those who are selfish

These people are often the manipulators of the office. They will go to any means to walk over anyone to get what they want without caring who gets left behind. They will take credit for all of the work they did with a partner all for their personal gain. These types of people are not only horrible in every situation, but they are also awful coworkers and partners.

 The liars

Similar to the manipulator, the liar will lie, steal, and cheat only to get himself up the corporate ladder— as high as possible. Sometimes, it seems as if he’s never even heard of morals. If someone happens to call him out for all of his toxic and immoral behavior, he will probably respond with the famous sentence “It’s business, not personal.” It is as if morals don’t exist in the office and all is allowed just to make money.

If you have a colleague that’s like this, be careful and don’t listen to all of the negativity he is trying to spread. And if you’re an employer and someone who works for you keeps bad mouthing everyone trying to make themselves look better, let them know that you know what they’re trying to do and that they will either change the way they treat their coworkers or lose their job.

 Those who think only about their fears

This person is a dreamer. A smart and creative person who’s had a great business idea for years now. They keep telling everyone about it, and everyone tells them to go for it because it will most likely be a huge success, but somehow, they never do.

This person fears the unknown and will avoid chasing their dreams only because they’re scared. Even if they’re doing a job that they hate and that makes them unhappy, they will stay there because the desire for security mixed with lack of faith will drive them to the corner every time they think they can make a change.

Chasing your dream is scary; no one denies that. With each year that passes by you realize that you haven’t done anything, makes you more discouraged, and leadership isn’t easy. It requires a lot of guts and growth, but leadership is required to start your own business. Therefore, stop being scared of the unknown because it will probably bring bigger and better things to you.

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