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Here Are Three Skills You Need To Work On To Recession-proof Your Career

The unemployment rate is currently at an all-time high, and a few forecasters anticipate a 15% joblessness rate, which will continue to increase till 2023. In case you are fortunate enough to have a job, you are most likely to keep it. But if you don’t have a job yet, you need to acquire it as fast as possible under the current circumstances. You cannot control how this economic crisis will influence businesses in all aspects.

To get ahead of everyone else in your career, you must refine your abilities to communicate and build profound human connections. The problem is that practically in any line of work, your coworkers most likely have the same knowledge, similar experience, and technical skills. So, in order to separate yourself—to guarantee you’re viewed as essential—you should ace the specialty of connectivity.

To ace this art, you need to work on three primary strategies related to communication: How you exhibit your authority, how you convey your warmth, and how you emanate your energy. Let’s dive into these three more!


Here are a couple of critical components when it comes to authority: presence, voice, non-verbal communication, attire, alignment, and separation. To begin with, think about your voice quality. Is your pitch appropriately put? Is it true that you are excessively nasal? Does your accent cloud your message?

Presently, think about your looks. How do you look? Do you think your sense of fashion is okay? Overall, being able to command attention with the way you present yourself and speak can make you feel powerful from the inside. When you exhibit authority, you recognize it within. You can also feel it externally, depending on how people react to you.


Communicating warmth can be done through modesty, vulnerability, compassion, and being attentive or listening. All this is because effective communication isn’t just about the output or input while conveying a message or receiving it from the group of people you are speaking to.

Warmth is essential to built trust, just like relatability, which makes it critical in setting your position in the team. To evaluate your warmth, communicate with your colleagues, and pay attention to the signals that they give out. Your conversations will provide you with all the necessary answers.


Energy is a vital quality that can provide anyone with strength and power. The more energy you exude, the more you can influence, enlighten, educate, or enthrall other people. Authority gains the respect of others; warmth wins their trust and devotion. Energy urges folks to follow and is made up of conviction, passion, engagement, and emotional dedication to your message.

When you genuinely believe in what you’re saying, the crowd inevitably will, too. Be present, genuine, and thoroughly involved. You don’t always have to full-on, for there are perks both to high and low energy. The important thing is how you communicate and how you’re received.

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