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Who Else Knows Your Phone PIN, Favorite Band, Than What You do for Work?

It has been observed that two out of every five persons know the password to their partner’s devices and almost the same amount of people know the favorite band of their better half, but research have found out that less than the third amount of people know what kind of work does their partner does.

Accordingly, three out of every 4 people don’t have any idea that their partner will ever open up to them about the true nature of their job. A survey was conducted in the U.K, which involved 2000 workers. About 500 of the candidates were hired by the tech industry.

What makes people frustrated?

About 71% of the candidates said that they were forced to dumb down their job descriptions while explaining it to their families, their friends, or their partners. It might come as a surprise, but many people said that their partner switches off whenever the topic of work comes up.

Almost a quarter of U.K workers are stressed about the idea that their partner isn’t honest about their work. Nearly 22% of the people said that this makes it annoying for them, and 17% complained about their loneliness.

People who worked in the technical field told that they were upset about the fact that their friends don’t take an interest in their jobs, while on the other hand, people working as property dealers, working as engineers and people who were offering financial services had similar views regarding the topic.

The outcomes of relatedness

Doctor Julia Yates, who works as a senior lecturer at the City University of London, said that to stay in a healthy relationship, one must open up to their partners. Honesty leads to trust-building, and that results out in bonding on a whole new level. Talking to your partner about the nature of work is also healthy for relationships and mental health.

Self-determination theory

Doctor Julia Yates proposed a theory that said that a human being has three psychological needs, one of them is having some control over anything. Humans like to control things and feel the power, and their power hunger is what keeps them going.

The second thing that human psyche needs are feeling competent. Competition is what makes the juices flowing, and it makes a person focused and productive. The last idea that a human needs is the feeling of connection around them. Without personal relationships and bonding, the mental wellbeing of a person will be on shaky ground.

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