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This 37-year-old Makes $100,000 in Austin, but Lives in His Truck and Rents His Condo for Extra Money

Bryce Dishongh never desired to become a homeowner. But as his rent surged up every year, he grew tired of it and wanted to own a place to fix that problem. He wanted his rent to stay static for the foreseeable future.

In 2017, Dishongh purchased his first property. The property entails 600-foot one-bedroom condo in Austin, Texas for $140,000. Up to the day, the 37-year-old works as a front end developer and works part-time at a doggy daycare. He has set up a new goal as he doesn’t like debts. The purpose of his goal is to pay off the debt as early as possible. For speeding up the process, he rents out his condo on Airbnb and sleeps in a camper of his truck.

He wanted to work remotely and stay chill

Firstly, Dishongh wanted to work from van, live in it full time and travel all over the United States. But after playing with the numbers hew found out that the whole things cost him work of two years. He shared his vies by saying that his truck is well-built with wood paneling and all. He set up a line of Christmas lights on his truck and installed a battery to power fans and lights. He also has a ventilation system installed inside the van.

Dishongh believed in the easy home buying process

To Bryce Dishongh, the purchase of his home was easy and to the process as he called his realtor friend to look for the places that are slightly low priced. At that point, Dishongh was paying $1,200 every month to lease a loft and needed to discover an apartment suite that would cost around the equivalent, including additional items like property charges and mortgage holders’ affiliation expenses. He had enough in reserve funds that he could easily cover a little upfront installment.

He tore everything down without any plan to fix it

For Dishongh, the genuine work began after the deal of the townhouse. The low installment permitted him to pipe more cash into revamping his new residence from start to finish. Forthright, it was more speculation of time than cash.

He spent around $9,000 to totally remodel the family room, kitchen, and room. Practically the entirety of that went toward instruments and materials, since he did almost all the real development himself, from building a coasting work area to connecting the wood deck to the roof to structuring custom speaker mounts.

He’s not a woodworker in terms of professional career, so he spent endless hours viewing YouTube instructional exercises, looking things into on the web and critical thinking as he went.

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