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New Year, New Job? Here’s What You Can Do to Stand Out From The Rest & Finally Land Your Dream Job

It looks like people’s desire to better their lives around new year’s time isn’t just limited to their private lives. According to Glassdoor economist Daniel Zhao, the month of January is actually the peak one when it comes to job searching.

There is reportedly an increase of 22% in the number of job applications on the job review website around this time. Similarly, employers are also said to be on the lookout for new talent during the first month of the year. That said, here are some steps job hunters can take to take advantage of this beneficial time and secure their dream job.

Editing the Resume

Don’t overlook showcasing your soft skills such as the ability to collaborate with others in your resume

Unlike what one was previously taught before, there’s no need to put their entire job history on the resume. This is especially true for people who are already well into their particular careers.

For example, a person who’s had a decade of experience as a software engineer won’t have to include their time working at a shop when they were in high school. Instead, job applicants are advised to only include experiences that make them look like a strong candidate for the position they’re applying for.

Experts also recommend people to pay close attention to the top portion of their resume. This is because hiring managers will only reportedly look at a candidate’s paper an average of three seconds before making a decision.

Start Ahead

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with hiring managers during the ‘slow time’ of the holidays

There’s also no harm in starting one’s preparations ahead. Take advantage of the downtime that the holiday season provides to start contacting hiring managers. Doing so might be good timing as managers are most likely getting fewer applications at this time. And if one’s lucky, their resume may even reach employers when their inboxes aren’t as crowded and will get noticed more.

Before all this though, an applicant should’ve already done their due diligence and researched the company they want to apply for. This is to ensure that a company is indeed a good fit for a person and to be able to individualize the pitches they’ll be sending to each one of them.

Make New Connections

Mix fun and business by socializing at holiday parties one gets invited to

Another great thing to do to get started on one’s new year’s job hunt is to attend holiday parties and network while there. Doing so would allow a person to reconnect with old contacts and make new ones as well. What more, socializing might be easier during this time as people tend to be in a good mood around the holiday season. There’s a good chance that one may run into someone who could help them land a new job.

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