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The Aftermath: What Will Happen to Wendy Williams’ Financial Empire After Recent Divorce?

Just recently, news broke out that television host Wendy Williams has filed to divorce her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter. This came after Williams allegedly found out that Hunter fathered a child with another woman.

Though rumors of the television producer’s infidelity have been floating around for years, the last straw came when his affairs began taking a serious toll on the host’s mental health and sobriety.

While their separation is surely on the way, what remains uncertain is what will happen to the couple’s joint assets. Estimates say that Williams and Hunter have somewhere around $60 million between them.

Speedy Settlement

Hunter serves as an executive producer on Williams’ hit talk show making matters more complicated

According to divorce experts, the separation will definitely be difficult considering the possible scrutiny from the public and especially the media. There’s also the fact that the couple has been working together on The Wendy Williams Show for years now.

Williams and Hunter most likely to go for a fast settlement to keep things private, according to Maryam Atighechi, a family law attorney. The host would definitely want to avoid being a ‘hot topic’ of her own show.

What more, Atighechi also predicts that there will be a settlement figure and a very strong confidentiality clause involved in the divorce. Unfortunately for both parties, these might mean that they’ll have to spend big bucks to get things done.

Dividing the Estate

To everyone’s surprise, Williams opted for a no-fault divorce

But there’s an upside to the situation. If the ex-couple decides to have the case litigated in New York, a fault state, Williams may receive more than half of their joint estate because of her husband’s infidelity.

When it comes to divorce law there are two types of states, no-fault states or fault states. In a no-fault state, litigation will not consider the grounds that led to the separation when it comes to dividing a couple’s estate. Meanwhile, either party can bring in evidence against their spouse so they can gain the upper hand in the division.

However, recent updates on the issue say that the host actually applied for a no-fault divorce.

According to experts, celebrity divorces are always more complicated because of the various contracts and endorsements that they usually enter in. So, Williams and Hunter’s divorce will likely be messy and complicated despite their attempts to fast track it.

Issue of the Prenup

Prenups are usually tailor-made to protect one party’s special interests or assets prior to marriage.

Another thing that’ll complicate matters between the ex-couple is the fact they didn’t have a prenup.

A prenup or a prenuptial agreement is a type of contract that a couple signs before entering into the contract of marriage. The agreement can have a variety of content and cover a lot of bases but usually expounds on the division of property in case of divorce.

According to lawyers, having a prenup is one of the best ways to protect oneself when entering a union were another party brings in significantly fewer assets.

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