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This Incredible Custom Car is the Latest Addition to Jay Leno’s Massive Car Collection

After retiring from the world of late-night television, Jay Leno found himself spending most of his time on something he’s always loved: cars.

He loves cars so much that he’s managed to collect more than 300 vehicles in the past couple of decades. And his collecting spree is far from over.

Just recently, the 68-year-old acquired a special vehicle to add to his already-massive collection.

One of a Kind Lincoln

The one-of-a-kind Lincoln Navigator built by a California car dealer for Leno

This new vehicle in question is a custom Lincoln Navigator built specially for the tv host.

The one-of-a-kind car was created under the supervision of the Lincoln Design Studio itself and was manufactured by Galpin Motors through Leno’s own specifications. The slick-looking Lincoln features the Chroma Crystal Blue color paired with the Yacht Club interior design.

Its customizations also include a set of special wheels, dark chrome exterior accents, and custom leather interiors made from the same factory where Ford manufactures its best cars.

According to Lincoln’s chief designer, the vehicle, like the Lincoln brand, is all about ‘quiet confidence’ instead of showing off outward luxury. The changes and upgrades that were done to Leno’s custom Navigator only highlighted what was already in the prototype vehicle instead of showing off new features.

Meanwhile, Leno can’t help but express his excitement for the car being an avid automotive enthusiast and a fan of Edsel Ford, who was responsible for the company’s most iconic designs. Lincoln is the luxury brand of the Ford Motor Company.

New Home

A look at a portion of Leno’s car collection composed of iconic vintage cars and many modern models

Leno’s new ride was initially showcased in a SEMA show but it’s now home in the tv host’s famous garage where he keeps his other 300 plus cars and motorcycles. However, fans and gearheads can still expect to catch a glimpse of the one-of-a-kind vehicle through Leno’s Youtube channel, Jay Leno’s Garage.

The previously mentioned garage is located right next to Burbank Airport in California. Housed there is the entirety of Leno’s collection of 160 motorcycles and 180 cars. But don’t expect to see all of these there as the Leno is constantly buying and selling vehicles to replenish his collection.

According to estimates from current market values, the car collection is said to be worth over $52 million. And this value is set to increase over the years as Leno’s restoration projects come to a finish. What more, he has also assembled a team of restoration experts so he can help other gearheads with their vintage car woes.

Branching Out

Leno working on one of his vintage car restorations projects

Capitalizing on his reputation in the car enthusiast community, Leno has expanded his business to vehicle products with the launch of Jay Leno’s Garage Advanced Vehicle Care line.

This brand new line offers 23 formulas set to accommodate every car owner’s needs whatever kind of vehicles they may be collecting. According to Leno, the products were created through a trial and error process in his own garage and are therefore born out of necessity.

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