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Offset and Cardi B Finally Spill the Tea on Their Family Life, Career, and Tumultuous Romance

The last few months have definitely been hectic and challenging ones for rap royalties, Cardi B and Offset.

There’s Cardi’s well-deserved yet still controversial Grammy awards win at the start of the year and, of course, there’s also the launch of her husband, Offset’s, new album, Father of 4. Add a young kid to that list and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a life of busy schedules and minimal rests.

But, the couple, who wed in 2017, seems like they’re doing a great job at balancing all of these. Here’s how they do it…

Making Time

Offset and Cardi’s only child is Kulture. He also has three other kids– Kalea, Kody, and Jordan– from his previous relationships

While their current life seems quite complicated, the answer to all of their problems seems pretty simple: making time.

The 27-year-old raper revealed that he and his wife Cardi make sure to devote most of their time for their kids, especially now that they’re youngest Kulture Kiari, is only 8 months old.

For the couple, time together as a family is more important than making money.

The father of four also admitted that a lot has changed in his life ever since he first came to the spotlight with the release of his hit song, Versace, more than five years ago. He mainly misses the privacy he used to have before fame.

Balancing Career and Family

Born in July 2018, Kulture Kiara’s privacy is protected by her mom Cardi B, who prefers not to share too many photos of her

Still, he sees an upside in the current state of his music career as it allows him to be a good influence to young listeners. Thus, he makes sure to also connect with his fans as much as he can telling one inspiring story about a fan who showed him that he had the rapper’s face tattoed on his arm.

But his family life and career balance are up for a new challenge as Offset and his group, the Migos, get ready to work on their much-anticipated album which is set to be released in 2020.

The group said they are working hard to make their next album, Culture III, their best one yet.

Getting Cardi Back

Offset won Cardi B back with a surprise apology during one of her concerts. The 27-year-old rapper presented Cardi with an expensive flower arrangement which spelled out, ‘Take me back, Cardi’

Seeing his current good standing with his career, family, and wife Cardi, Offset will most likely make it all work.

The two recently got back together after a brief breakup in December of 2018. But they are currently stronger than ever and are often been seen showing affection in public. Offset also expressed his gratitude after Cardi forgave him and took him back saying how in love he is with his wife.

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