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With The Age Gap Between These Famous Celebrity Couples, You’d Question Who’s In It For Love and Who’s In It For Other Reasons

We have seen a lot of popular names in the industry find love over the years. A lot of these couples have proved that an age gap is not really something that should stop you from dating a certain person. While a lot of couples in Hollywood who have huge age gaps have had marriages that ended in a divorce, there are still a lot of couples who make us believe in true love. Here are some of the most popular Hollywood couples who have age gaps that will surprise you.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green – 13 Years Gap

Actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox truly make such a good-looking couple as they are ones of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, but we bet you didn’t know that they actually have a 13-year age gap. Both of them must have some secret anti-aging regimen because they both look way younger than they actually are. Megan was only 18 years old when she started dating Green and fast forward to today, the two are married and have three children together. Just take some time to imagine the stunning genes of this family.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison – 34 Years Gap

Courtney might have been only 16 years old in 2011, but she had already released two music albums. That was about the time when she decided to get married to Doug Hutchison even though they had a 34-year age difference. Of course, they received extreme media attention for their decision. Doug’s manager left him, and his family stopped talking to him. After all their ups and downs, they remained together for seven years until Courtney filed for divorce in March 2018. It was finalized a year later, and Courtney ended up admitting in an interview that their age difference did have a big impact on their relationship.

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse – 17 Years Gap

Bradley Cooper remains to be one of the most good-looking guys in the Hollywood scene. He has dated a number of beautiful women over the years and model Suki Waterhouse is one of them. She is 17 years younger than him and he started dating her just about two months after he broke things off with actress Zoe Saldana. Cooper broke up with Waterhouse after two years and he didn’t even need to sit down and cry because he began a relationship with another model, Irina Shayk, just a month after the breakup.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas – 26 Years Gap

Alec Baldwin is a very established actor who recently starred in Mission Impossible: Fallout. Hilaria Thomas is the yoga instructor he started dating back in 2011 who was 26 years younger than him and yet blew his mind at first sight. They immediately moved in together in a property in Greenwich Village and eventually became husband and wife in June 2012. Today, they have a total of four kids together. What a lovely family they are! Baldwin reportedly has been working for his two new movies that are already in post-production.

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