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Everything You Should Know About Zion Williamson

Usually, we don’t find out about athletes – their talents and potential, until they are already in their college years. However, every now and then, there is a story that we get to see unfold from the very beginning. Such is the case with Zion Williamson, a rising star who started making noise well before being considered for the NBA selection. Keep reading to find out more about his origin, his skills, and how likely it is that this teenager, considered a rising star, will actually make it into the professional league.

He Was Destined For Greatness

Behind every great star, be it in sports, movies or science, there is a story. In the case of Zion Williamson, some might say his destiny was set from the moment he was born. With both his mom and dad having a history of excelling in sports as well as his stepfather, Zion’s path was practically pre-destined. He was born in the small town of Salisbury, North Carolina. His parents are Lateef Williamson and Sharonda Sampson and his stepfather’s name is Lee Anderson. The influence of these three adults might have been what would mark Zion for greatness.

Started Out As A Football Player

His father Lateef used to play football and he represented Livingston College back in the ‘90s. Despite getting divorced from Zion’s mom when his son was only five, he stayed in a close relationship with him. Maybe his father’s words of wisdom contributed to Zion’s decision to dedicate all of his free time to practice and try to be the best athlete he possibly could. He carries some of his father’s genes for sure, as he actually started out as a football player during his younger years, before deciding eventually on basketball. But Zion might have been influenced by someone else, too.

His Most Demanding Coach Was His Mother

Just like his father, Zion’s mom used to be an athlete as well. More specifically, she would run track at a university level at Livingston College. She was one of his most fervent believers and dedicated a great part of her time to coaching him and his team while he was in school. With her support, from early on, Zion started making waves as the next great promise in basketball. Sharonda Sampson, Zion’s mother, coached him through youth leagues as well as middle school and had been with him every step of the way. Zion described her as her most demanding coach, but not the only family member who taught him what he came to know.

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