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The World’s First Surviving Septuplets: Where Are They Now?

For an established couple, news of pregnancy tends to be exciting and important news. However, sometimes pregnancies come with surprises, and it can be overwhelming to find out that twins are on the way. Now, multiply it and imagine finding out you’re expecting seven babies! This was what happened to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey. Although they were excited, they also were quite apprehensive. After all, these pregnancies have a very high risk and they couldn’t be sure what the outcome would be. Would they all make it safe and sound? What complications could occur? Keep reading to find out!

Six more than expected

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey were living a happy family life in Des Moines, Iowa, with their daughter. They were undergoing fertility treatment as they had some trouble conceiving more children. What they thought would be a regular check-up to see how things were coming along became the surprise of their lives. During this type of treatment, it’s common to find more than one embryo. However, what they found were not twins nor triplets. They were looking at 7 embryos in Bobbi’s womb! The treatment had been more effective than expected.

Yes, you heard that right

The couple was in shock, they really couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They felt that seven babies were way more than they could handle. It was certainly more than they had expected. Knowing the results of fertility drugs, they probably were mentally prepared for the possibility of twins. But seven babies?! They were in a daze all the way back home. However, their reality slowly started to set in. Once the shock—and slight terror—had passed, they started to accept it. How big a challenge would this be? They had no idea!

Was there ever a choice?

The doctor presented the possibility of selective reduction where they could decide to reduce the number of embryos. The purpose of this was that the remaining ones would have higher probabilities to survive and a better outcome in general. However, the McCaugheys were Baptists and were very strong in their faith. They decided that God would be the one to decide the fate of their septuplets. For them, there was never really a choice. But would they all make it? Would Bobbi be safe? This was yet to be seen and they had a long way ahead.

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