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Stars That Have Aged Flawlessly & Proved That Beauty Has No Age


Many women are scared of aging, believing that losing their youth means losing their beauty. Yet these actresses prove that age is but a number and beauty is timeless. Yes, it is true that these famous actresses may not have to worry about their future, at least when it comes to their finances. But their big bank accounts can lead to adverse effects, such as spending the money on alcohol or parties. Regardless of what they went through, these women have managed to beat the odds and stay as beautiful as they were when they first appeared in the public eye. Many of them didn’t even consider cosmetic procedure and claim beauty rituals and diets are what kept them looking this good.

Joan Van Ark, 75

Joan Van Ark has had an extensive career on television, one which can easily become the envy and inspiration of many budding actresses. Starting off in the mid-’60s, Ark has received accolades for her work on both the screen and on Broadway. However, it is her time spent on the TV show Knots Landing which she is most recognized for to this day. She has maintained her iconic blonde hair color throughout her career, however, she doesn’t seem to have aged as well as we hoped. She does not seem to be bothered about it a bit, though!

Elizabeth Perkins, 57

Elizabeth Perkins is a versatile actress who received numerous nominations both for film and TV. She was diagnosed to have diabetes in 2005 and since then, she became an advocate of spreading awareness about the disease. Through her family’s support, she was able to have a lifestyle overhaul and face the challenge positively. She also looks as if she is untouched by time! Do you see how soft her wrinkles are considering she is already 57? Maybe she has some secrets to share for her face looks fresh and gorgeous for her age!

It seems like these women haven’t aged at all – Click “NEXT” And See For Yourself!

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