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Stars That Have Aged Flawlessly & Proved That Beauty Has No Age


It seems like these women haven’t aged at all – Click “NEXT” And See For Yourself!

Many women are scared of aging, believing that losing their youth means losing their beauty. Yet these actresses prove that age is but a number and beauty is timeless. Yes, it is true that these famous actresses may not have to worry about their future, at least when it comes to their finances. But their big bank accounts can lead to adverse effects, such as spending the money on alcohol or parties. Regardless of what they went through, these women have managed to beat the odds and stay as beautiful as they were when they first appeared in the public eye. Many of them didn’t even consider cosmetic procedure and claim beauty rituals and diets are what kept them looking this good.


Joan Van Ark, 75

Joan Van Ark has had an extensive career on television, one which can easily become the envy and inspiration of many budding actresses. Starting off in the mid-’60s, Ark has received accolades for her work on both the screen and on Broadway. However, it is her time spent on the TV show Knots Landing which she is most recognized for to this day. She has maintained her iconic blonde hair color throughout her career, however, she doesn’t seem to have aged as well as we hoped. She does not seem to be bothered about it a bit, though!


Christie Brinkley – 64

American model Christie Brinkley is 64 but she looks much, much younger. With her glowing skin and overall youthful appearance, she makes us wonder what her secret is. Whether it is nutrition or simply good skincare, this model, actress, and businesswoman looks stunning. It’s no wonder she is thin and beautiful, as she only eats organic food. Christie is vegan and her looks surely make us all want to follow the same diet as her. Christie said in an interview that her dogs make her happy and are partly responsible for her healthy aging.

Cheryl Ladd – 66

Although she initially wanted to pursue a career in music, Cheryl Ladd became a popular actress. Cheryl’s fame comes mostly from her role in the iconic TV series Charlie’s Angels, when she replaced one of the original actresses. But this American actress and singer started appearing in movies and series while she was still in school. She is also a published author and her first children’s book came out in 1996. Seeing how gorgeous she looks at age 66, we are left to wonder whether she relies on plastic surgery to achieve her great looks or could it be natural? Nevertheless, she can boast flawless skin!

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