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Spelling Mistakes Conveyed The Wrong Message & We Can’t Stop Laughing About Them

This is one of our favorites in the world! Have you ever seen an advertisement that would make a marketing consultant blush of shame? Or a failed tattoo that’s going to stick with the bearer forever? Did you come across a strange translation on a menu? We can’t be more grateful to the people who turned on their camera and—with the power of the internet—immortalized these…accidents! And you know what they say… Once it’s on the internet and gets passed around in social media, it’s there forever baby! Prepare yourselves for we have gathered for you a list of pictures with the most ironic and funny spelling mistakes you could ever find online!

Mini What?

Are these baby potatoes in the background? This probably means one of two things: either this bakery has been selling all of their doughnuts like crazy because of this misspell or they thought “better exchange this product with something else because these doughnuts are definitely no one’s favorites!” Do you think they have realized that something is quite wrong with the label of their product? Maybe they are social media marketing geniuses and they know their way around viral posts! Making a hilarious misspell that can turn viral in just a few hours can make your sales go over the roof!

Who’s Owen?

Reading this message while in front of the counter makes you think of two things: either this is your typical mindless yet funny spelling mistake or this is an inside joke about some Owen who really must be quite a hot guy! Unfortunately, we do not know if the guy who took this photo asked the shopkeeper about it. However, had it been us, we would definitely have chosen to buy some of their delicious, warm cookies! And we would have asked about Owen because we are dying of curiosity! Aren’t you?

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