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Soap Opera Stars: How Did They Look When They Just Started & Where Are They Today?

Do you remember the soap operas we used to love? We all have a favorite soap opera that we watch regularly and eagerly await each new episode. Sometimes, we even get attached to the characters as if they were real. Have you ever wondered whatever happesned to the actors years after the show? Where are they now and how do they look? Did they get rich or perhaps filed for bankruptcy? We’re here to remind you of some of the beloved soap opera characters you probably forgot you ever watched.

Michael Damian As Danny Romalotti

American actor, recording artist, and producer Michael Damian Weir was born in 1962. He is most famous for his 18-year-long run on The Young and the Restless as Danny Romalotti.  Besides the show, Damien also landed roles in movies like Justice and A Boy and His Gun. He also landed the starring role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a Broadway production. The show became the highest-grossing show in the history of LA and also broke box office records in New York. Before the fame that came with the popular soap opera, Michael had a pretty successful music career. After The Young and the Restless, it seems that Damian decided to follow his retirement plans.

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