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Inside The Most Beautiful & Luxurious Houses Of Your Favorite British Celebrities

Having a luxurious spacious home is something we would all like, no doubt there. But celebrities are the ones that can afford to invest millions in real estate. As soon as they earn their first millions, they start hunting for the ideal home, which they usually replace with a better, bigger, and more expensive one in a few years. Apparently, you can get bored living in a luxurious home. British stars are certainly not far behind Hollywood celebs when it comes to owning expensive real estate. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious, expensive homes where our favorite British celebs spend their time and you’ll be convinced!

Harry Styles – $8.495 Million, Hollywood Hills

Like almost every rich celeb, Harry Styles also decided to purchase a home in the Hollywood Hills area and he paid $6.87 million for it. However, Harry got bored pretty soon so he listed his home for sale trying to make a profit, asking for $8.45 million. He later lowered the price by about $500 thousand but he still hopes to make a profit, due to all the renovations that he completed. It is not uncommon for celebs to buy a house and then spend money to make it fit their exact needs, so it is only fair should list it at a higher price afterward.

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